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The anonymus idols #2

A friday evening the headlights of a van light up the routes of the mediterranean coast to the east. Some hours before the eyes of a fireman and a policeman shine when they see the a sunny weather forecast on the Alps, some hours after, the backpack is always […]

The anonymous idols. #1

All of us has been vibrating with the images of alpinists as Ueli Steck, Steve House, Mark Twight, Jean Cristophe Lafaille, Cristophe Proffit and many more who with them images and books has been inspiring us. I will not talk about this heroes, I will talk about other […]

Light in Nepal

Himalayas is a (the) place that makes dreaming all adventurers. Hight mountains, deep valleys, nature-close cultures, exposition and remoteness from communication are some of the ingridients that excites us to travel there. The stories of Reinold Messner, Chris Bonnington, Doug Scott…or more recently Tomo Cesen, Iñaki Ochoa, Dennis Urubko […]