The other factors such as safety is

The competition in the car industry these days are becoming more and more competitive. Technology and price are usually the main reasons. But with the emergence of hydro cars, competition creates a different outlook that is why most car manufacturers continue to invest on conducting research and testing on the benefits of hydro cars. In fact it was already launched to some highly industrialized countries like the US, and in Europe as well as in Asia like in Japan and Korea where cars are not only being studied but already being distributed to the buying public, but only with very minimal production.

That is why the main purpose of this paper is to really find out if hydro cars are a viable option in the economy as well as for the public, like in terms of safety and security as well as cost. Assumptions In this paper there will be no financial data to be presented; instead it will focus on current developments and issues that hydro car industry is currently doing. Added to that are some scholarly articles that relates to the continuous study of the study and its effect, particularly in macroeconomics, management, etc.

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Lastly, is to provide current initiatives and development from some of the most trusted car manufacturing company in the world. Situation Analysis Presently, hydro cars have been studied closely by a number of car manufacturing companies, most specially in the side of viability for the public. This is also the reason why hydro cars are not yet formally launched in the market. Like for example one of the simplest questions is that where can drivers fuel up their hydro cars?

Because, for some countries, they might have enough, but does this can be like commonly stationed gasoline station which sometimes has their presence at least every 5 kilometers interval. Other questions also like how can this be fair against cars who used gasoline or diesel, exactly how far it can go if in case I will use or purchase hydro cars? This was also what made BMW-H2R model not yet launched to the public. It has been said that even that BMW has created the car for barely 10 months, they are still not confident that it will still work for their customers.

And they even mentioned that in order to say that they are ready for it, will take more than 10 years, which means that, BMW as one of the well-known car manufacturing company would not gamble and do a drastic move of providing it to the market. Not only it will be a big cost and at the same time, other factors such as safety is important to addressed. Another main concern for the public is hydrogen filling station; it is very obvious that this is much of a concern for most, the availability of hydrogen most specially for long drive getaways like in the US will be a main issue.

Unlike for Europe where most highly industrialized countries has already adopted it and even make used of the car itself and constructed a manageable number of filling station which made it so easy and acceptable for them. It was dated, January 24, 2005, when BMW launched a biofuel car which again works for hydrogen as well as for petroleum and these is employ in BMW 7 Series sedans. That is why in Europe as it continuously adopt and popularity of hydro cars are happening in some of its major cities where filling stations were also developed has been administered even by its government.

While in the US, it just started to look into this matter, in 2004, where in that time the President Bush while formally giving his State of the Nation Address, at that point, provided $318 million for the Energy Department to work on the viability of Hydro cars in the country. This was mainly a very straightforward decision that helped find and study some important aspects within the economic scale and environmental scale as well in adopting this kind of advancement in the transportation industry as well as most especially in the environment.

And he even mentioned and very optimistic to that mass hydro cars will be used in the US by 2020. (Wald, M, 2004). It was even followed up by having a $190 million project in developing hydro filling station in major cities in the US and again this project was assigned to the US Department of Energy. California through its good Governor, has also initiated of providing a good plan regarding hydro cars and how it may help the entire state not only in its economic development but also improved its environment since it was considered as one of the most polluted state in the US.