Each duties with care and dedication. The various

Each nation comes up with a government that will best suit the governing of people being appropriate for the people of that nation. The government ought to consider the political, social and economic effects of the manner in which they choose to govern the nation. There is delegation of duties and responsibilities where the various arms of government come in.

The arms of government are put in place to facilitate thorough investigation, proper presentation of facts and adequate information from the grassroots level running upwards. The government is to serve its subjects with dedication and truth hence there is the need to relate with the subjects ensuring any relevant information is collected and put into use to ensure proper service is delivered to the people.

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As a result, there is equal distribution of resources which in return will facilitate peace and growth of the economy. For the best results to be achieved and for a nation to grow, the various arms of government are to carry out their duties with care and dedication. The various arms of government are then to work together and have a balance of power to deliver accordingly.

When addressing the Canadian government, it is noted that the prime minister is the person who makes all key decisions and, in my opinion, has too much power. The prime minister decides on budgetary matters, election dates and the composition of the cabinet as well as structuring the government. The lack of strong political parties has greatly influenced this fact. The prime minister is a supreme ruler and has too many crucial decisions to make.

As much as this type of leadership enhances stability, it is as well extremely risky for the nation. Each person is prone to make mistakes and at this stage if the prime minister makes a few decisions which are not befitting, it can result in the collapse of an economy and the nation at large. In this sort of governance, the other stakeholders such as the cabinet are shelved in decision-making.

To represent people fairly, political parties need to come up with a way to grow strong. This will ensure their active involvement in the decision making process as well as the implementation phase of legislations. To properly implement the law, being part of the entire process from the problem stage, brainstorming phase and finally the decision making phase are of utmost importance. This is because one understands why some decisions were made and understands the problem at a deeper level.

In the Canadian judiciary there is an element of lack of independence by the judges. The courts serve to ensure the law is adhered to and also are part of the implementation of law. There is great need for the judiciary to be impartial and independent. Favoring a particular class of people can hinder proper law implementation and result in some sort of imbalance between different classes. Judicial selections should be done based on merit and some traditions are worth breaking for the growth of the nation.

It is important to note that the stability of political parties is not a ticket to ensuring democracy prevails. At times it will even slow down the decision making process but it plays an important role in representation of the people’s needs and ensures that decisions made fit the subjects of a particular nation. This also can facilitate the reduction of powers of the prime minister and encourage delegation of duties to the parties that have been side-lined.