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Can you define Intelligence? The Environment does depend on intelligence more than genetics. Firstly genetics is just more than just a IQ score .Secondly, the environment is more than effect for your intelligence wheatherthan genetics. Furthermore you can not control your intelligence within your genetics but you can with your environment. Genetics is not something that is gonna determine your intelligence. The genetics factor where to see how much manner mental abilities are affected by genes,yet both environment factor and genetic factors work to gain intelligence.There is 50% of your DNA and also 50% of Environment. Your genetics is more of a complex trait ,yet there is not much to know about the quality and character of genes responsible for mental abilities.There is less to know about the factors responsible for the expression of the genes. Environmental factors as affected on your intelligence in all different ways. You can have not as good genetic factors you would hope that your environment would help you bring that IQ level that you are hoping for. Environmental condition are more powerful than genetics influences in determining intelligence according to social psychologist Richard Nisbett. Also Nisbett says that a larger number of social studies showing how much environment influences not just IQ as measured by standardized tests but also actual achievement. You can control your environment factor than your genetics factor for you to better your intelligence. Environment is more of a factor that is controllable more yor genetics . you can find mays ways to bring in intelligence more than you with in genetics for many reason. Also researchers had found that  brothers had left the family home and had been adopted had IQ that were 4.4 points higher than their siblings .  I think that environment does depend on your intelligences more than genetics .Genetics is just a complex trait,where there are manner mental abilities are affected by genes . More of the Environmental factor as affected on your intelligence more than your genetics.Also by controlling your environment you can bring up your intelligence in many different ways. The real meaning of intelligences can be defined in many different ways ,  the word intelligences your defining intellect is described as the power of the mind to think in a logical manner and acquire knowledge.