By:Angel winter it will make it seem

By:Angel Batres RodriguezNatural disasters are earthquakes,tsunamis,and volcanoes they can extinct animals and destroy millions of dollars in materials. the natural disasters that would make the most impact are still waiting to come like the california san andreas fault and the yellowstone volcano they could destroy the world or cost hundreds of billions of dollars in repairment. They can change a animals behavioral and physical changes and change the world forever. The natural disaster that you could say can change the world forever and might be changing our world its called climate change a lot believe its not happening and that we don’t have to worry about it but climate change isn’t just one thing inside of it is a drought,less rain,it makes the world even more dry in the summer it will make it seem like your at the hottest desert in the world and in winter it will make it seem like your in the summer no one likes it unless you are going swimming then you are of course going to like it. now let’s talk about evolution.Evolution is when a animal has to change due to human impact or humans and only the most fittest survive.fittest not most in shape but most  prepared those that arent will die.evolving is caused and you don’t even know its happening a animal does not experience it in its lifetime.climate change occurs all over the world it isn’t just in one area it happens everywhere in the world even in places like antarctica Our natural disaster is climate change we will experience higher temperatures and a drought and less rain. That will dramatically change our biome because we get a lot of rain. Our animals would have to evolve a bit.but not too much.our specific disaster would be a occurs in a tropical biome in a island east of florida in the bermuda triangle.the causes are that their is going to be less water for the animals and plants.the animals would be affected a lot from the changes.the long term effect is that it is going to be less water and trees are going to die so it’s going to take a long time to get back to normal and the weather would still go down back to normal but a little bit above say its 105 degrees with the climate change but when its normal its 96 degrees and now it’s probably going to be like 107 degrees. So our island would change a lot and the animals would have to evolve again i say.and during the time period a lot of animals would die.our island basically is a rainforest the definition for rainforest is a luxuriant, dense forest found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall.over the years there has to be more than 1 million earthquakes and in history there is probably like 10000000000000000000000000000 ok look that number i just spammed zero that’s how much natural disasters there has been probably even our island i think a lot of animals would go extinct in our island due to climate change the animals that are b prepared would survive and outlast everyone else but after their food source starts to go extinct they will extinct or start to fly away or swim away or the ones that have to stay there would die too. Most natural disasters are caused by the Earth  climate and natural causes like volcanic eruptions and plate movements.