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The following is a detailed write up of the main reasons why businesses follow up sales and record customer information:  They usually do follow ups on sales and record customer information for the purpose of advertisement of their products to already existing customers.  Follow ups on sales and recording customer information is usually used to know how much sale has been made either quarterly or yearly.  Businesses tend to make follow ups on sales and record customer information so that it can be easy for them to sell products to their customers and make it easy to trace their customers.

Follow ups in sales are done for the purpose of assisting in restocking of products so as to avoid deficits or surpluses. Recording of customer information is also done so as to assist in knowing the preferences of an individual and their age group as many fashions tend to go on the age of the person.  Recording customer information is also done by businesses because in some cases some businesses will tend to use information for market research. 3. The sort of methods that a bus driver would use in personal selling are as follows:

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He may use word of mouth to advertise the different type of travel passes available.  Alternative, he can rely on the already advertisements that are seen on the buses already.Another method of personal selling he could is being courteous in all the services that he gives out. The shop assistant on the other hand can use the following ways of personal selling:  Introduction of after sale services for the products to be bought.  Introduction of samples.  Introduction of discounts to the customers who need it.

Advertisement is important and should be introduced so as to tell the customers that a particular commodity exists.  Another method of personal selling that can be included could be the introduction of warranties and guarantees. The following things are the ones they can use during the sale:  He can use the information about the particular product, that is to say, the contents of the product.  He can be persuasive in the selling of that particular product and always explain the benefits of the products. They may also use knowledge of a rival product and usually use the badf sides of that particular commodity.

They can also use information on the prices available and the discounts that are available.  They can use guarantee and warranty to sell their items especially the shop assistant. They have many options available to close such as the following:  Summary close: where you assume that they own a similar item in it’s first after sale service.  Indirect close: which is a more gentle way of closing a sale as compared to the direct close and is more advisable to use such as ‘what do you think about this discount? ‘ ‘is it fair? ‘

Silent close: this is where you use a closing question and then leaving the customer some time to respond.  Alternative close: this is where you give your customer two option in your closing statement such as do you prefer the DVD or VCR.  Direct close: this is where you give a straight forward question and is advisable to all times try to avoid this method of closing sale. These are the different ways which they can use as a method of closing their sales. The similarities and differences are as follows:  The all need personal selling so as to sell their goods and services to the potential customers.

The shop assistant sells commodities which have warranty unlike bus passes which usually do not have warranties when they get spoilt or lost.  The shop assistant usually sells electricals unlike bus driver who give out bus passes and usually offer bus services.  The bus driver is usually mobile as he moves from one place to another unlike a shop assistant who is usually stationed in one shop in this case.  A bus driver usually faces less competition compared to the shop assistant that is why his personal selling is limited.

Bus drivers usually don’t get commission on the sales they make unlike shop assistants who might makes sales. 4. a. The skills and processes that I think I performed well are:  I tried to be persuasive to the customer.  I used all the knowledge that I had acquired for the purpose of selling my products. I tried to be courteous when selling my product. I tried to bring about the benefits of this particular product and why it is better compared to other products.  I also brought about the discounts that are available.

I time to time tried to use an indiect way of closing my sale as well as the alrenative method. b. I performed well because I was confident, focused and humble to my customer. Furthermore, I prepared my self before hand. c. The skills and processes that I didn’t do well are that the time for closing the sale especially when I was selling the mobile contract to the college representative I was about to let her go without making a sale but quickly I picked up my confidence and was capable to sell the contract to the representative.d.

This was because I slowly lost my confidence and I found that the customer was a bit challenging and not easy to persuade. e. I will first and foremost, change to a much acceptable clothing such as a suit and then I will constantly change train how to make a sale quickly and confidently and also try to close all the loop holes that I will face when selling an item by training better for them. This I will do because they were the areas that I needed to polish on to make it much better.