Burcu eat everything to gain some weight.

Burcu Akku?Ms. CorderLP Language 912 December 2017Eating and Success Imagine you were in a world that you can eat everything you want to and not gain any weight even you eat only junk food for a week. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But in reality, I know it is not. Let me tell you a story of a friend. When we first met, he was approximately 40 kilograms and he was few cm taller than me. At those times, he did not care about his weight at all. But as the years went on, he started to have eating disorders– not the one everybody knows, what was its name, anorexia? Anyways, he started to eat everything to gain some weight. Because he was so obsessed with his body, he thought that eating junk food would make his weight-gaining process faster, or somebody told him so but at the end he got reflux and he is living with his pills now. I don’t know how he is healing but I know the pain when he does not take his pills. At the end he didn’t only lose more weight, he also lost his health and he made a lower note on the TEOG exam than he actually could. He could gain weight by eating properly and sports and he knew it. This was only an example but eating healthier could change your life in various ways. It can make you happier, healthier. It can even help you deal with stress.Eating sweets won’t help you when you are dealing with stress. In fact, according to researchers at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center, “the more of them we eat, the more stress we gain.” If you say that this fact won’t stop me eating sweets, I can say you’ll have a huge trouble with cortisol, which makes our fat cells produce an enzyme and get bigger. That enzyme is one of the main reasons why some people have more fat. Unlike sweets, there are some foods that really can calm you. “Asparagus, berries, green tea, and walnuts”  are just a few examples but they all contain different vitamins and acids that their calming down effect is actually proofed. Eating sweets won’t help you when you are in a bad mood either. I’m so sure that you ate that bar of chocolate just because you were sad at least for once. But, that bar of chocolate never helped you with feeling better at reality. “Pleasurable” foods such as hamburgers, french fries, and candy bars don’t necessarily make us happy. Their only effect is making us want to eat more of them whenever we eat them. If this sounds like addiction, it actually is. According to the firstwefeast.com, your brain gives similar reactions to overeating and addictive behaviors such as doing drugs, gambling, drinking etc. I almost hear you say if this junk food is not making me happier, what will? There is not an immediate happiness coming from any type of food but, with eating healthier we can be happier in the long run. A study by psychologist Dr. Helen Handy looked at how food and mood played out across several days. Her findings showed that increased level of calories, sodium, and unhealthy fat resulted in negative moods two days later. So, next time, try to change that bar of chocolate to an apple.And the thing is, when you change that bar of chocolate to an apple, it helps you with being more productive through the day. For example, if you eat a doughnut, it will work. I never said it won’t. It will give you approximately 20 minutes of alertness and then, you will find yourself easy to distracted and unfocused. It is because that doughnut increases the level of glucose in your blood so quickly. If there is anyone who does not know what the glucose is, I can describe it as the fuel of our body. There is always a certain level of glucose in our body, just like the gasoline in the car. Foods have different paces when it comes to changing the level of glucose. Some of them, for example doughnuts, do this very quickly. And some of them, foods that contain natural sugar like fruits, do this slower but more sustainable. This type of food will keep you more productive through the day.You can actually improve your life by improving your diet. Just with eating healthier, you can be more successful in life. Because, to me, success is actually getting better on things and, as I explained through this essay, eating healthier helps us with improve our lives, make our lives better and better.