I be working outside, in cold conditions, and

I will try to keep my aims and objectives simple so that I do not complicate my session anymore than necessary. I plan on making sure I use the whole time available to me, not finishing short, and filling it with as many activities as possible. I also aim on keeping my session rather simple seeing as it will be my first coaching session with these particular students, I will try to progress my session if I think the group shows an adequate ability to cope. I also think it is important to make sure I keep everyone taking part as often as possible as I may be working outside, in cold conditions, and students will want to stay active. I will have to make sure my session is properly planned out, including a warm up and a cool down as I don’t want any injuries due to pulled muscles. It is also key that I check for safety risks on the playing surface we will be using, as well as the equipment.

SMART targets

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S – Specific: I will try and keep the session specific, as I am teaching a football coaching session I will make sure I don’t drift of into other sports.

M – Measurable: I should make sure the skills I teach are obtainable and should be able see when the group is coping well enough to move on.

A – Achievable: I don’t want to rush into making the sessions too hard, as I don’t know the ability of the group very well and don’t want them to struggle with anything I set.

R – Realistic: I need to make sure my targets are not extreme and unreachable, my targets need to be simple and precise so that I can achieve them.

T – Time based: my sessions need to be to a specific time. I need to make sure that my session is neither too long or too short by starting practices that are lengthy and will not be obtainable in the given time period.

Roles and Responsibilities I need to establish what roles both the students and me will undertake as well as the responsibilities we both share. I will make sure that I am aware of all emergency exits and fire assembly points in case of any emergency that may occur. I will make these points aware to all participants. It is also my responsibility to be aware of the nearest first aid box/kit in case me or any of my participants need medical attention. It is also the responsibility of the students to treat me and their piers with respect and not endanger anyone by acting foolish and misbehaving. I will make sure I am in possession of all the phone numbers I will need in an emergency, for example; college numbers, students parents numbers and the emergency services.

Personal Review How did my lesson go? I believe my lesson went well in most ways. I received feedback from the teacher and I was told that I had organised and led my session well enough to pass my teaching course. I believe there were areas that I could improve and will look to do so the next time I led a similar lesson. I will also take into account areas of which I saw as my strong points as they will help me to build on a lesson next time using the same techniques.

What were my strengths? I believe that my main strengths come from my verbal communication, as I try to speak clearly to the group and give precise instructions. This is a key aspect as it helps the lesson to run as smoothly as possible without interruption. Before I led my session I tried to pin point certain aspects of my teaching that would be important, I therefore determined that it would be essential to give feedback to the group on how well they were completing the tasks I set. This is a good teaching habit as it allows the participants to recognise what skills are good, and therefore should be applied, and what skills they could improve and how they could do so. I also believe that I dressed appropriately and set a positive image, this could be achieved either with the clothing you wear or by the attitude you present yourself with. This is important as participants may see me as a role model and it is key for me to set a good example.

What areas could I improve? There were a few small areas that I thought I could improve, and the teacher reviewing my lesson pointed out a few things I could have used to improve it. For example when I was running one of my activities, I split the group up into two groups and made them pass a football between themselves. This could have been improved by splitting the groups even more into smaller amounts so that the people within each circle would get much more touches on the ball and would be involved more frequently. This is of priority as you don’t want participants to get bored and uninterested in the activity.

It was also made to my attention that I had not planned ahead enough to use a whistle, this can be easily overcome but having a whistle handy will help you get the attention of the group more clearly and quickly. I personally thought that my activities could have been improved with more progressions. I could have achieved this by adding different scenarios to challenge the participants. The priority of this is to help improve the participants techniques with various styles which suit different people.