Briefing to the subject. ICT, could be

Briefing Document, Module 302­­

your lessons regarding CV Basics, I try to include the below into each class.

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A&C) Importance and Features of
creating inclusive teaching and learning.

during and after my classes, it is important to create and inclusive teaching
and learning environment.

learning and teaching is important to recognise a student’s right to a learning
experience that respects diversity, enables participation, removes barriers and
considers a variety of learning needs. A group of students will never be the
same, all will have different experiences, abilities and needs.

lessons, it is important for a tutor to;

Assess individual needs, learning preferences,
a student will learn better in their own way, i.e. visual, oral etc.

Ensuring the tutor is approachable and
accessible to make the students feel comfortable.

Differencing activities to suit all ability
and needs, this will enable all students feel included and mix a class up, to
reduce boredom.

Provide opportunities for group work to allow
students to mix, this will help build relationships and make students feel
included in a group.

Use a range of teaching, learning and
assessment approaches based upon the learner needs.


B) Importance of developing Maths,
English & ICT.

the majority of, if not all classes should provide a learner opportunity to
develop their essential skills. These skills will help learners improve their
personal, knowledge and understanding skills for day to day life. This in turn
will have a positive effect in their learning of the subject.

example, English can be developed by reading and writing, speaking, discussing,
listening and asking questions.

would be developed by counting, measuring, calculating, weighing and estimating
data relevant to the subject.

ICT, could be
improved by typing, researching online, using particular equipment & software,
like cameras, scanners and Photoshop.

Other skills such
as, team work, engaging with others or problem solving.

In this CV basics
class, learners will develop these skills further.


D) Engaging & Motivating learners.

Engaging learners,
involves getting and maintaining a student’s attention, involving in the class and
keeping them motivated.

During the CV
basics class, involving and keeping a learner is important as the information
being discusses is vital for making a CV.

Ways to
engage/motivate a learner could be as simple as greeting each person as an
individual, and knowing their names. This may improve a students confidence or
feel they are worthwhile in the class. Other methods can be;

Explaining the aims and objectives of the
subject at the beginning of session

Ask questions to see if the learners are aware
of any the health and safety aspects for the duration of session

Give learners small achievable tasks, this
will boost esteem and help learner think they can progress.

Involve all learners during the session

Creating a team environment, providing learners
the opportunity to learn from each other.

Summarise the class at the end, related to the
aims and objectives, and allow time for questions.

Provide time at the end of class for any
individual questions.


E) Establishing ground rules with learners

Ground rules and
boundaries help create suitable environment so that the teacher and learners
can work and learn. Ground rules should be laid out and discussed/negotiated
with at the start of a lesson or course. Negotiating rules with learners can be
a good method of giving students ownership and responsibility for their own


Ground rules can
be established between the teachers and learners through discussions or  negotiations. Learners can come up with rules
if it of benefit to the overall class, and again give the learner some

Focussing on the
positive side of the rules, such as ‘phones
can only be used during breaks’ rather than ‘no mobile phones’ whatsoever.


All of these
methods and features discussed in this document aim to improve, assist and ultimately
make teaching/learning easier for all parties.