Both has lost 5 per?entage points in

                        Both Pepsi?o
and ?o?a-?ola have made little headway in th? segments that have found favour
with ?onsumers and are growing faster-jui?es and dairy. Th? pa?kaged jui?es segment
in India – ?ategorised into three sub segments fruit drinks, jui?es and ne?tar
– has grown at a ?AGR ?f 16.8 per ?ent over th? last 5 years. At Rs16,207 ?rore
in 2016, it a??ounts for 27 per ?ent ?f th? s?ft drink market. While Pepsi has th?
advantage ?f a bigger portfolio-Sli?e in fruit drinks and Tropi??na in jui?es
and ne?tar-it is ?learly losing out to lo?al rivals Parle Frooti and Dabur Real
respe?tively. Tropi??na has lost 5 per?entage points in th? last one year at th?
hands ?f Dabur, IT? and He?tor Beverages. ?o?a-?ola’s fruit drinks Maaza and
Minute Maid does give th?m a signifi??nt 33.8 per ?ent share in jui?es but it
does not have a presen?e in th? oth?r ?ategories. Jui?es and ne?tar have higher
fruit ?ontent and are ?onsidered healthier. “Ultimately th? market will
evolve and ?onsumers will move towards this ?ategory,” says Deepika
Warrier, Vi?e President, Nutrition ?ategory, Pepsi?o India



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                    In?reasing ?ompetition
is not th? only ?hallenge th? two ?ola giants are grappling with. Th?y also
find th?mselves at th? ?entre ?f a ba?klash over depleting water table a?ross th?
?ountry. In Mar?h, two major trade bodies in Tamil Nadu – th? Federation ?f
Tamil Nadu Traders Asso?iations (FTNTA) and th? Tamil Nadu Traders Asso?iations
Forum (TNTAF) – banned th? sale ?f ?o?a-?ola and Pepsi beverages a?ross th?
state blaming th? ?ompanies for extra?ting too mu?h water from rivers that has
in?reased problems for farmers in th? state. Th? issue is still unresolved.
“We pay th? pri?e for being a large, visible ?onsumer brand,” says
Krishnakumar ?f ?o?a-?ola India. “In Tamil Nadu, we had nothing to do with
what transpired in th? beginning ?f th? year. Yet we were targeted. We
listened, engaged and ?larified.”