Blake my pussy in front of these people.

Blake did his best to impress those who had gathered to see them. He pranced with as much pride and showmanship as he could. His cock bobbed and swayed with each step, dripping precum, and his tail bounced regally behind him. He could hear people laughing at the spectacle and wondered who could possibly be watching him humiliate himself in this manner. But no, that line of thought wouldn’t work. He enjoyed the humiliation and objectification. He had to focus on Laynie. In these situations that was the best way to lose himself and fade into his role as her possession, an item under her control. He turned his head slightly to see her and felt better, his humiliation served a purpose. Laynie stood, a vision of feminine cruelty, smirking at him, one hand on her hip, the other holding his lead, laughing along with the audience as he tried to keep up with the speed that she wanted him to perform at. When he would slow, he would feel the harsh bite of the crop as she slapped his ass. Blake loved this woman, worshiped her. He pranced harder and faster to make her proud. Losing himself in the submission, he found himself surprised to hear her order him to stop. He did so, immediately. Blissfully obedient. She told him to kneel, and he did without hesitation. Laynie bent over to whisper in his ear, “You think you’re a big man, don’t you Blake? When you work with your colleagues and lift weights with your friends, or when you and I are equals, enjoying ourselves. Yeah, I bet you think you’re really big. But remember this, no matter how dignified, important, wealthy, smart, or strong you are, you’re kneeling before me, my toy. You exist for my pleasure. I’ll hurt you or humiliate you as I please. You’ll do anything I say right now, won’t you, slave boy?” Blake was drooling, dripping precum, hornier than he’d ever been, and melting from his Mistress’ delicious dominance. He couldn’t speak through the gag, so instead, he nodded and eagerly wiggled his ass around, which caused his tail to swish. The plug rubbed against his prostate. “Then, you’ll eat my pussy in front of these people. If I take the gag out, you do not speak unless it’s a safeword or to beg me for something. Remember, you’re nothing more than an animal, and you belong to me.”

Laynie removed the gag from Blake’s mouth and pushed his face into her pussy as she lay back on a cushioned pallet. He flicked his tongue over her clitoris voraciously, this is where he felt at home. Using his lips he sucked her clit, and it’s hood into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it, his Mistress’ pleasure evident as she moaned, grinding against his face. He lost himself in servicing her, and eventually she cum, bucking against his mouth, pulling his hair to increase the friction between her cunt and his tongue. Laynie sat up and looked around, then slapped his face, all to the cheer s of the growing audience.

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“You want to fuck me, baby?” she said to him.

“Yes, yes, Yes, Mistress, please. Please allow me to fuck you.”

“Okay, but you do not cum.” She unlocked his wrists from his thighs and bent over the table so he could mount her from behind.

Blake entered his wife’s pussy for the first time in weeks. The force of his frantic humping pushed her into the furniture, causing her to gasp and moan. Laynie marveled at how amazing her sub-husband’s cock was, and how energetically he fucked her. It’s a shame she got so much pleasure from denying him and cumming on his face, she mused.

“Mistress, I’m going to cum.” Yes, there it is.

She spun around and said, Stop. Now!” Obediently, he did as he was told. She grabbed her riding crop and pivoted away from the table, despite the weakness in her legs. “That was not phrased as a question, bitch.” He nodded, and Laynie proceeded to beat his ass, hard. He cried out with each strike, and the red welts raised on his otherwise creamy, white ass when she was done. Usually, she didn’t take her punishments to that level, but she gathered her energy from the frenzied crowd cheering her on in her domination of this animal. She didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Ready to fuck me again, boy?”

Blake nodded. The penetration had gone to his head, previously cocky from fucking his Mistress’ pussy, he thought he could make requests, not beg her permission, and that was a dreadful mistake. The heady rush of his beating corrected his attitude. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

She bent, again, across the table, and the gathered crowd watched as his ass flexed as he aimed to please her with his dick. He pounded her, curved up with each stroke to fill her completely, and down with every pull to connect with her G spot. The slave made his Mistress cum once before he neared the point of no return. “Ma…may I please cum, Ma’am?” He begged.

“Not yet. Get out of me,” she said, and he did. “Face the crowd and kneel, spread your legs.” He faced the crowd, now visible despite the blinders he still wore, and he could see every seat was filled. People masturbated to the show of his submission, and of his wife’s ownership of him. They like watching powerful women control a man like him. Laynie sat next to him and whispered. “Jack off, you can cum if you can do it yourself.” She removed the cock ring from his overly-erect dick, and he began to masturbate with fervor. Laynie reached the riding crop under his balls and slapped them on occasion, which caused his bell to jingle.

As he neared orgasm, he begged her, “Please, Ma’am, please, can your slave cum? Please allow him to have an orgasm.”

“Of course, go right ahead, slave boy,” she said as she leaned over to grip his balls tightly. Instantly, he exploded. His eyes squinted shut, toes curled, and a much larger volume of cum left his cock. His Mistress crushed his balls as he did, and when he looked down, he noticed she’d caught all of his cum. She looked him in the eye and then rubbed it on his chest. When he could hear again, he realized the whole audience cheered. Laynie bowed to the crowd. She placed the bit back in Blake’s mouth, stood him up and walked him to the prep room. Blake was in deep sub space, dazed and open to anything when they got to the room, Laynie had to undress him, and washed him. This time with much warmer water. The couple collapsed on the sofa and cuddled. “Damn,” Blake said, “That was amazing.”

“Happy birthday, hon. I love you,” Laynie responded. Later, they went out for a late dinner and stayed the night in a hotel. For the time being, they were equals. A few days later, Blake sat down to study and found it all came very easy to him.