Big data, it is a term simply, in

Big data, it is a term simply, in general ,means large amount of data or  can be defined with any synonym of big coined with data.But the recent hype around it elaborate its characteristics and references .A more deeper definition describes it based on the 3Vs, given by IBM:Volume- Describes the size and  number of sources of data. Variety – It’s basically variety of file type of data which can be structured, unstructured or semi-structured and different sourcesVelocity – The rate of speed analysing, processing and storing data.Additionally a new V,Veracity,has been introduced by certain organizations,which describes the quality of the data.  Lately, the term gathered much more references and more are adding up which,in turn,is emerging Big data to a new field of study. Big data involves a lot of challenges and revolves around speculations on their future.These extend the definition  of big data for referring different co-related areas such as predictive analytics, user analytics and other advanced analytics and techniques .The current studies are based on harnessing it’s power. Like the energy transform the technologies ,data seems to be the new fuel for future digital advancements. Current technologies have the potential to  collect or capture unlimited  data from varied sources,in which most are garbage.These rate of accumulation of data is far ahead of rate of advancement of techniques to processes,analyze and store.This is  where the term Big data is formulated.The critical thinking and analysing of these huge data sets using statistical,mathematical and computational methods  can transform the outlook of all areas involving data.A broader view of data and transforming it into simple result  can be achieved by use of Artificial Intelligence .  The current buzz on Big data is created by organizations to serve the purpose of competition and pure profit motive.It deals with  how well one can effective analyze the statistical trends and how well can it be applied,thus  business analytics becomes closely related to Big data and often serves same definition.So it can also be termed as a new trend of digital manipulation. But certainly  Big data can serve as a guide in this world of traffic and reduce the congestion of life in all areas.