Bhangra is a blend of enthusiasm and


region of the world illustrates its tradition and culture through art. Dance is
the most popular type of art which depicts a region. The Punjab region found in
northern India represents its culture through its traditional folk dance known
as Bhangra. Bhangra is traditionally performed to celebrate the harvest-time festival
but has come a long way to being performed in wedding and parties as well.

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is said to have originated from the area of Majha in the Punjab region in the
mid 20th century. It is usually performed in groups of men and women
on the beats of a drum known as ‘Dhol’ and various other instruments with musical
lyrics(songs) called ‘Boliyan’. Bhangra is sub divided into different genres
which are commonly called as Luddi, Gidda, Kikli , Gatka in Punjabi and many
more. It interprets the tradition, imagination, talents and enthusiasm of the
people of Punjab.

few significant features of Bhangra are as follows:

The rhythm is the most important part of this dance.

It is a blend of enthusiasm and energy.

The traditional and vibrant costumes like Turban (pag),Kaintha,and
Lungi worn by the dancers.

The competitive level of Bhangra among youth is quite amazing
as compared to other forms of dance.

demands synchronization, coordination and tradition which lead to grace,
charisma and fun among the performers and other people as well. Bhangra has
evolved a lot from its traditional form to a blend with western music and hip
hop music. The merge form of this popular dance form is quite popular in the
United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom.

is not only the people of Canada but everyone around the world should listen to
bhangra music and dance to its beats because it appeals to people of all age, race
and gender. It keeps every one healthy, fit and teaches coordination and timing
to oneself. It brings out happiness and spreads delight among everyone and
creates a pleasant environment.