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Between January and September 2017 there were 240 murders and murders in Spain, according to the crime statistics of the Ministry of the Interior. In the same period last year, there were 229, 4.8% less. Some of these crimes, like that of Diana Quer, are unresolved.Double crime in the swamp of SusquedaPaula Mas and Marc Hernández, 21 and 23 years old, were available on August 24 to take a kayak excursion through the Susqueda reservoir (Girona). To go they chose the Opel Saphira from it, being bigger since they planned to sleep in the vehicle. About two or three in the afternoon, they stopped at the restaurant La Parada del Pastoral in Calera de Ter where they asked their owner, how to get to the reservoir. He never heard from them again.A few days after the disappearance, on August 27, a group of motorcyclists found the semi-sunken couple’s kayak, with three large stones inside. The next day, the girl’s car appeared submerged in the swamp. The vehicle had a rock on the pedal to sink. A month later, on September 26, the Mossos found the body of Paula Mas trapped between the rocks, and a few meters from Marc Hernández, who carried a backpack full of rocks. Both were naked and showed signs of violence. They had been missing for 33 days.The main hypothesis of the investigation is that the young people probably met with strangers, who killed them and threw them into the reservoir loaded with stones to try to prevent the bodies of the couple from meeting each other.Without detainees in the case of the widow of the president of the CAMFriday, December 9, 2016. An employee of the Novocain dealership in Alicante finds the body of María del Carmen Martínez, 72, next to her car, a Porsche Cayenne. The woman had been shot twice at point-blank range in the head. Martínez was the widow Vicente Salas, who had been president of the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (CAM) and a well-known figure of the high society of Alicante. According to the police, the murder weapon was a pistol of the early twentieth century with hand-modified bullets. However, the revolver has not been found yet.The only suspect in the murder is Miguel López, one of the deceased’s sons-in-law, who ran the family-owned concessionaire where the woman’s body was found. The police hypothesis holds that Lopez tried the murder of his mother-in-law four days earlier in the same place where he planned to shoot her. It tried to avoid so that the matriarch yielded to its first-born, Vicente Jesus Room, the control of Samar International SL, a multinational of the sector of the plastic that was the most important of the companies of the familiar group.López remains at liberty although the investigation into the murder and illegal possession of weapons remains open. The suspect spent 39 days in preventive detention but was released after paying a bail of 150,000 euros. One year after the event, the case is still in the training phase. The police investigation provides a score of incriminating evidence against López, but no direct evidence.Yéremi Vargas: A decade without finding the culpritTen years has remained open the case of Yéremi Vargas, who was ten years old at the time of his disappearance in Vecindario (Gran Canaria) on March 10, 2007. On October 27, the judge handling the case decreed that file the summary and put an end to the procedure against Antonio Ortega, known as El Rubio, to understand that there is no evidence that implicates him or any other person in the event.Ortega was arrested in July 2016 as the main suspect in the kidnapping and death of the boy after El Rubio had bragged to other prisoners to know what had happened to Yeremi. Nevertheless, the judge affirms that this does not stop being “mere affirmations” and that the diligence that was practiced after the interrogation of Ortega have not confirmed those accusations.During the ten years of research, several hypotheses that have turned out to be false have appeared. At times it was thought that someone from a nearby house could have kidnapped the child, or also that it was a case of organ trafficking until it came to be ruled that three Scottish pedophiles who were on the island when the child disappeared had to do with the case. However, for the moment, the event remains an unknown.