Best that are both fashionable and affordable

Best and Cheapest Places to Shop in Coventry for StudentsWith around 55,000 students attending the universities in Coventry, looking for clothes shops that are both fashionable and affordable may seem difficult but this guide about where to shop may make this a lot easier. So, whether your maintenance loan has already been blown or you are just money savvy and seeking bargains, these are some recommended retailers for students.For the savvy shopper, Primark has clothes that are on trend, reasonably cheap and definitely affordable for a student on a budget. From winter jumpers to dresses for a night out, Primark has it all. Although, an issue that may be encountered when shopping at Primark is the endless sifting through items when trying to find the perfect piece of clothing.Shopping at New Look is another affordable alternative for a student on a budget looking for the latest fashion items. Despite some items in New Look being a tad overpriced, looking out for sales and student offers is handy because this means that items that are still on trend can be found at discounted prices. Using the New Look website is also likely to prove useful because many items are reduced in price, as well as the fact that items can returned for free if you dislike them or they do not fit, which you would otherwise not be able to do when buying sale items in the store.Another store which is instead entirely based online selling clothes that are both fashionable and extremely affordable is Boohoo. Offering clothing items that are both stylish and cheap which is especially useful for students, from jumpers for university to party dresses, Boohoo is likely to have most of the fashion items that a student will ever need. Boohoo seems like it has been designed specifically for students, so when looking for a fashionable bargain, shopping at this online fashion retailer may be for you. Even though the clothes sold by Boohoo are so cheap already, the student discount available and the extra discount codes offered slash prices further. Seemingly known to sell quite high priced items, River Island may not seem like an option for most students struggling on a budget, however this retailer sometimes has sales where items that are still on trend are 1/3 or at times even 1/2 of the recommended retail price as well as festive offers which substantially reduce the price of full price items.Finding items that are designer and cheap may seem like an uphill battle, but Shaianne Barnes-Harding suggests ‘TK Maxx’ for ‘cheap, designer’ items, saying that she buys her ‘handbags’ and ‘shoes’ from this retail store for low prices.