Being a charming person it almost as easy as it sounds, all you need is a little generosity, kindness in your heart and to follow these simple steps;  HAVING A CHARMING ATITTUDE: Being charming is a gorgeous art, to be the painter all you need to do is follow these simple steps, 1- Be Interested In The Person- by doing this the person will get the idea ofyou looking forward to meet them or even be friends, which charms the person 2- Talk Talk Talk- choose to speak about topics that interest each other,like each other 3- No Awkwardness- you want to be able to flow with yourconversations, and the wall of awkwardness isn’t the best thing for that. 4-Do Not Show Off- this gives a mean and selfish impression to the person, definitelya total no-no BEING PHYSICALLY CHARMING: To be physically charming is to show you actually care, it brings elegant in you and interest for you in the other person 1- Eye Contact- looking at people directly in their eyes projects interest, confidenceand a special bond or hold on them 2-Just Smile – smiling is an instant charmer it brings love and affection to youfrom the person 3-Body Language- you need an active appearance to be approachable, back straight,head high, and sit ina attractive position. being lazy and droopy will seem like your notinterested in the person 4-Voice Control- a sweeter less aggressive tone is ideal, you don’t want to scare or creep the person off with a harsh tone 5- Use Great Grammar- instead of saying things like ”wad up” saying something like ”hello” is more charming. although overdoing it isn’t a great move either 6- Compliment- complimenting is a go-to beginner of a conversation, it gives the greatest influence of you to the person, they feel fondly towards you instantly in this way. 7- Be A Great Listener- listen to them, answer them. listening shows them