Being of my father to the CVA my

Being the first of seven
children to graduate from high school or even attend college is such an
accomplishment as no one in my family have more than a fifth-grade education.

Having faced many challenges in life from the death of my father to the CVA my mom
encountered, it was difficult to keep focus and passing my classes was
difficult but I didn’t let that get in the way of me making my family and
myself proud. I did what I had to do and here I am, applying for a program that
I got fascinated with after my mother encountered her second CVA and I got the
opportunity to see a radiologist at work trying to figure out if my mom did
have a stroke. This gave me the passion to go pursue a career in the health
field. I started by working in emergency department as a Tech where I
interacted with many patients with different codes from heart attacks, stokes,
respiratory distress. This gave me the opportunity to work along with the
radiologist and peak my interest more of becoming a rad tech. After working as
an Emergency technician for the last three years, my desire to help others grew
more I wanted more than just being a tech. I wanted to help by improving the
life of patient care. My real motive is to improve the existence of patient
care. my motive is to place my training to work and play a vital part in
handing satisfactory patient care.

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Coming from a third world
country my ultimate goal is to become a Public health administrator and use my
degree as a radiology technologist to help the people in my island. As most
times when a procedure that consist a rad tech is to be performed the people in
my country has to fly to the closest country that have a radiologist and that
can be costly and individuals refused because they can’t afford it. I would
like to change that by using my summers to give back to my country and
surrounding countries the opportunity to have a Rad tech, without having individuals
worrying about their next meal over there health. An AAS Radiologic Technology
degree will help me achieve this goal. With a Rad tech degree, I will be able
to perform entry level medical radiography procedures, provide patient
satisfactory care. An AAS Radiologic Technology will help me achieve this goal
as this degree will be the first building block for me to give back to my
community, taking care of patients and providing appropriate care whether age,
culture. This degree will make my family proud, and as my mom use to say make
my nose swell by getting an education. Education is the key and use that education
to help others.

Never have I
encountered an atmosphere so invigorating and so impassioned as I found during
my visit to CTC. It is this passion that unites the students and profound sense
of unity within Alaska. I could want nothing more than to call myself a part of
this motivational community, building relationship with people who share my
passion of helping others and who will both value my talents as well as
challenge me to grow. As a student at University of Alaska





so many new doors to open, I know a college experience at Penn will prove
challenging, yet undoubtedly rewarding. I look forward to a fulfilling four
years of hard work, fun, and cheese steaks.