Money bonuses for scoring and keeping clean sheets

Money is a key part of football today it is something all players and members of a team at a club demand. In a way it has destroyed the game because players are not only playing for the enjoyment most of the time it is for the money. Players such as Beckham and Ronaldiniho who earn stupid wages e.g. 100k a week. Players nowadays are looking to go to big clubs to earn big money. This is where the problems can begin.

The higher the amount of money you are paid puts the extra expectation on the player and gives him that little bit more pressure on him unlike a player who is paid less. In a way the more a player earns the harder it will be for him or her to impress a ever expecting crowd of fans who demand a performance worthy of the amount of money that there club is paying them each week But in a way money is an incentive bonuses for scoring and keeping clean sheets can enhance a player’s performance and encourage him to carry on and keep scoring and keep keeping clean sheets. But also the incentive could cause players to become greedy and selfish. This is why an equal bonus system in player’s contracts should be introduced in a club regulation

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Managers and his staff also change the behaviour and attitude of players. Managers can be very influential managers like Jose Mourinho who demands the best out of his players and if he doesn’t he isn’t scared of changing things around so that he can get the best out of the team. Players can either love or hate there manager but it is good if all the players in his team get along with him because it makes everyone’s life easier and more pleasurable. If there is harmony in a team there is a great team spirit and if there is great team spirit there is a big chance of success.

Now I am going to compare the 4 situations Money and Fans Fans believe that the more the player is paid the better his or hers performance should be. This can ultimately either lead to the player playing his best or even completely losing his cool and playing rubbish. This is why some of the big name players can’t justify how much they are played for example Rio Ferdinand who just seems to do what needed and never put his self out to do something more. The fans notice this and do not like it and can sometimes get on his back.

It is not only the players that get stick from the fans because of how much they earn. Take for instance Harry Redknapp at Southampton who is over paid by the club who got relegated last season. Fans gave him stick when he wasn’t getting the results that they wanted. In theory fans believe that money should talk on the pitch as well as behind the scenes. There is no doubt bout it that the more financial muscle you have to throw around in the form of a wage the better players will be more interested but withier they can justify there wage packet is another story.

Managers and players Managers and players can live in harmony most of the time but when it all goes wrong it could lead to the end of a player’s career at a club. For example the Sir Alex Ferguson David Beckham saga in which Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a football boot into Beckhams’s face. The consequences that lead after this event ultimately lead to Beckhams decision to leave. But on the other hand a manager can influence a player into joining a club such as Robbie Savage moving to Blackburn.

His move was influenced by Mark Hughes because of his strong relationship when Hughes was the international manager of Wales. Strong links like these can lead to a player denying maybe a better team in order to play football somewhere else where they might enjoy playing football for the rest of there career under someone who has brought out the best in them. So in a way the bigger the bond in the relationship with the manager the more motivated the player will be and the more he will want to perform to his maximum peak all the time.