Basketball of times. The original games were

Basketball was invented by canadian P.E. instructor James Naismith in the year 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. James Naismith had published rules for new games on December 21, 1891. It contained 13 rules and five basic ideas. According to “wikipedia,” one of Naismith’s students suggested to name the game “Naismith Game” then another student said “well we have a ball and a basket, why not name it basketball.”   Basketball was invented due to lack of sports during the cold months, it was always too cold to play football and soccer. After basketball became popular and established in colleges, soon the professional games followed. The NBA was established in 1946 became a part of american culture. Originally, there was no set rule on the amount of players each team had, however, in 1897 the mandatory amount was five players per team. Players were initially not allowed to re-enter games twice, but in 1945 the rule was changed and allowed players to enter the game unlimited amount of times. The original games were played with peach baskets. The baskets were placed ten feet above ground, which is still the case today! The peach baskets were a hassle since, someone had to manually get the ball out of the basket after someone scored. The first rim was made in 1892, which was made from heavy wire that was woven into a basket. In 1912, open ended nylon nets were approved for use, these nets amped up the pace after scoring and kept the game moving. Wire mesh backboards were introduced in 1895, however, the wire would get easily dented so in 1904, wood easily replaced them, then glass backboards were approved in 1909. The first basketball games were played with soccer balls. They were unsuitable for dribbling and ball handling, in 1894, the first basketballs were produced, but soon enough spalding took over as the official ball maker in the late 1890s. From 1895 to 1970 the sport wasn’t called women’s basketball was referred as “netball.” Women’s basketball began winter of 1892 at Smith College, and the game quickly spread throughout the country. Senda Berenson (an instructor at Smith) was taking a big risk at teaching women how to play basketball. In fear of women being intimidated by the rules she modified the rules and divided the court into three sections, and had nine players on each team. Three players were assigned to each area, either guard, center, or forward. The players had limitations, which included, holding the ball for three seconds, three dribbles, no snatching or stealing the ball, and a center jump ws REQUIRED after each score. Just like the men peach baskets and soccer balls were the equipment that was used. Various of Berenson’s rules were used all over the country. The popularity of women’s basketball was slowly increasing. It was definitely way more difficult to make women’s basketball a professional sport in the US, in 1982 the NCAA began to sponsor the sport; and the NBA founded the WNBA in 1996. The rules for women’s and men’s basketball are pretty much the same the only major difference between them is the circumference in the balls. The men’s  ball is 30” in circumference and the women’s ball is 29” in circumference. And the women’s three point line is slightly closer to the basket than the men’s.