Background so, the strategic use of background music

Background music, as an element of sound, has been utilized in Wilder’s film in a constant basis. As the story progresses, it is obvious that the sound of background music has been utilized in an organized pattern, wherein it often plays during the transition from one scene to another and among the scene that are lively. From a personal point of view, the thrilling sound of background music is one of Wilder’s approach to sustain the feeling of suspense throughout the progress of the story.

The stimulating music from the background has really helped create a distinct sound that would give meaning and life in the overall genre of the story, which is that of suspenseful and crime drama. More so, the strategic use of background music has created a constant feeling of anticipation throughout the progress of the film that has captured the audience interest until the end. Sound Effect and the Meaning it produces Sound effect has been a crucial part of this movie, as it helps render meaning and precision in most scenes throughout the progression of events.

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For instance, the sound of screeching wheels in the very first scene provides meaning and broad understanding that Neff is in a hurry and eager to arrive in their office in order to deliver his confession to Keyes, regarding the alleged murder of Phyllis’ husband. Given that the visual representation of a car in full speed depicts some sort urgency, the sound effect of screeching wheels renders further meaning and purpose to Neff’s action, which is to get in there office as soon a possible. Conclusion The element of sound is indeed indispensable in filmmaking.

As for Wilder’s film “Double Indemnity,” sound has not only been used to create meaning in every scene that is being depicted in the screen. It is also utilized in order to render life and distinction in the role of each character in the story. Likewise, the element of sound has been utilized in this film in order to support the movements and actions of the characters in best way that the audience could clearly understand and correlate the visuals that they see on the screen and the sound that they hear.


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