Background Pre Bonded Hair Extensions – What Are


In this report there will be details on the different hair
extensions methods that are available, where the hair comes from and how it is
processed before being used, and the differences between using real human hair and
using synthetic hair. Hair extensions are popular worldwide and it is high up
in the beauty and hair industry.

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1.0 Terms of Reference

Stephen Colbert of the Department of Social Sciences, Business
and Sport has requested Lisa Clemenson to write a report on Hair Extensions. It
is a requirement of Communication: Level 5 and is due to be submitted on the 15th
November 2017.


2.0 Procedures

Research for this report was conducted via the internet,
by visiting reputable websites and from existing knowledge I had learned when
being trained and becoming qualified in applying hair extensions.


3.0 Findings   


3.1 Overview of Hair Extensions

There are two types of hair
that can be used, real human hair and synthetic hair. The difference between
these two types are that human hair can be treated like your own hair whereas
synthetic hair doesn’t last as long and is very difficult to style as you can’t
dye or use heat, such as straightening or curling.

Hair is a huge
export for India. They export up to $400 million worth of human hair every year. Most of the hair comes from South Indian
temples where men, women and children shave their heads in a Hindu ritual. One
woman can yield up to 280 grams of hair (about 10oz), however the longer the
hair, the higher the prices it gets on the market. Russian hair is the most
sought after because, unlike Indian hair, it is virgin, meaning it is not
bleached or coloured. Once the hair is bought it is measured in kilograms and
sold in large bales.



3.2 Pre Bonded


Secret Hair Extensions. (2018). Pre Bonded Hair Extensions –
What Are They? | Secret Hair Extensions. online Available at:

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions – What Are They?

Accessed 17 Jan. 2018.

Pre bonded hair extensions also known as utips or nail
tips. The tips at the top are made from keratin. These are applied to the
natural hair by placing a few strands in the middle of the tips, which are then
heated and rolled in between your index finger and thumb to secure. This method
isvery popular as it is good for people who do not want to spend too much money
every few weeks getting the extensions tightened like the weave methods etc. (Secret
Hair Extensions, 2017).









3.3 Micro Rings



Micro rings are fitted stand by strand, in a similar way
to pre bonded ones.  They are applied to
a similar sized piece of your own hair, around 1cm away from the scalp. Tiny, silicone lined aluminium rings hold the
extensions securely in place, using a hair pull loop tool and clamped down flat
for less detection, giving a more natural feel and look. There is no need for
any harsh glues or chemicals when this method. This is an advantage for
clients as it is better for the hair and would be more suitable for those with
sensitive skin or conditions like psoriasis.





3.4 Sew In Weave



A sew in weave, is when the
client’s hair is tightly braided along their scalp in rows and a weft of hair
extensions is then sewn along the braid. The hair itself can last for around 6
months, butclients have to go back to their stylist every 4 weeks to get the
braids tightened.


4.0 Conclusion

By completing this report, I reviewed hair extensions
practices and trends and made sure my knowledge was up to date. The demand for
hair extensions continues to rise so it is particularly important to maximise
skills/knowledge in this area.


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