Australia to make energy, it may cause droughts

Australia is a country located in Oceania. Australia gets their energy from coal, solar; hydro and biomass. Australia uses the energy for cars lights and lots more.Hydro PowerHydro power is their mostly used renewable energy in as there is lots of flowing water surrounding them and they have lots of water falls. There are good and bad things about it though. The good things are, it is safe and fresh to make energy and it flows until the world ends. However, everything has a bad side. Using water to make energy, it may cause droughts and it is expensive to build a dam to harvest the energy. The form is changed when the water falls down into a generator to make electricity so it can power a part of Australia.Wind PowerWind power is the second most used renewable energy as it is really windy in some places of Australia so they build a wind farm there. Wind power is good because it is clean to harvest,it has a really low carbon footprint; it is free and wind can be found anywhere in the world, step outside, there should be wind. But birds may fly into the windmills and some people find the wind farms eyesore. Electricity is made when you have a windmill, when the blades turn; the generator makes energy to power some of the city, if you have more, you can harvest even more energy.Biomass EnergyBiomass energy is good for Australia because they have the right climate to grow lots of plants as it rains and it is really sunny there. The good thing about using biomass energy is that it is available anywhere, step outside there should be a dead leaf or plant. Also it is really clean and it has a really low carbon footprint. However, when it is burned, it creates lots of carbon and the process can be expensive when you are trying to harvest the energy. The energy is made by burning dead plants, poop and dead animals. When you burn it, it will create electricity.What They Use It ForAccording to my research, most of the energy is used for cars, lighting, water heating; cooking, heating, ventilation; air conditioning and refrigeration. Most of this is just in homes and buildings. Australia should save energy by putting solar panels on their roof as its really sunny in Australia so they can create even more energy than before. If you make so much, the electricity can get pumped back so you can earn money instead of spending it.In conclusion, Australia makes the most energy in the world as it has the right climate to grow plants, have lots of wind, make it sunny and to have good flowing water. That is how they make the most energy in the world.