August know that the relation between us

August 3, 1951Gulf Stream, north of Cuba. Dear, fisherman community I really wish you would consider the importance of a good cohesion between us fishermen. It is important to act as a team because I have the strong feeling that together everything achieves more.  As one of the older in this domain, I urge you to deeply think about my offer and understand it. Bounce back to the history I would  remain you that the strength of the pirates was found in their number and the agreement they made with others pirates to improve their domination over the sea.   If we start now we will be able to earn a lot of money than if everyone working alone. I know you will realize the importance of the thing very soon and by wind and tide we will talk about us from all the great oceans. Without bragging, I can teach a lot of thing on my knowledge about the sea: how to read the weather, how to look for good fishing areas and all those skills that make a good fisherman. Is true I did not caught a fish in eighty-four days but I know my luck will change with you as my companion. I have a great deal of experience fishing and all the skills needs to guide this new community. I come to the threshold of your door to beg you to work together. We will certainly gain from each other’s by developing our skills and consistently increase our incomes therefore this will be the confirmation on our domination over the sea. Manolin my young apprentice and I, have decided to chase a shark cohort that I repaired across the gulf stream, north of Cuba. Your fraternal support will be of great help.  My colleagues, I know that the relation between us has really never been cordial, but I will do my best to make the atmosphere look relaxed. To achieve our objectives cited above, I beg you to put our quarrels on the side, our esteem and our egos because this is a call to the unity and unity is strength.  If it happens that I can do it alone I will call you to share the spoils not out of pride but by recognition of our fishermen values. Sharing, tolerance and mutual support are the pillars that support us. I have always been very patient with the sea. I couldn’t give up until I put my hand on these fish. Like the sea never abandoned me on the shore when certain member of our community were making fun of me. That’s what I want to do for us, fishermen. I know our community will be a great again very soon and I want to be there to see the other fisherman’s succed.