At organize and supervise assignments, leadership encompasses effectively


At my last job, I have been
performing as a business development manager for a local company. The company
is distributing imported medicals to the most pharmacies of the Azerbaijan
Republic. The nature of my job consisted of finding high-quality medicines from
different countries in order to distribute them to drugstores and, accordingly,
signing contracts with representatives of relevant companies for productive
cooperation. In 2016 the amount of medicines and the number of signed contracts
for given quarter were lower than that for in previous. The manager of my
department asked for possible solution for improving the situation. I decided
to give a brief presentation of my suggestion, which involved the significant
amendments in clauses of contracts and provisions in order to make them more
positively welcomed by partners. I had a meeting
with entire team of co-workers to discuss possible strategies for dealing with
the challenge we faced and, finally, we implemented updated policies of the
company suggested by me, which were reflected in the contract. Ultimately, this
solution has made a great impact on the future purchases, agreements and the
company as well. I truly believe that my leadership ability as well as ability
to depict my plan and make it clear to the manager was the main component of
success. More than that, I am sure that my experience in personal, professional
and educational life, and cheerful, positive attitude will be an essential
asset to your program.  

Whereas most people understand
leadership as something related to management only, to me personally, leadership
merely requires management as one of the crucial elements. I believe that while
management engages the ability to plan, organize and supervise assignments,
leadership encompasses effectively communicating vision,
inspiring and motivating others to be outstanding, aid others to
develop and grow both mentally and professionally, and make serious decisions. However,
there is no secret formula of instantly becoming a great leader. Instead of
this, it takes a long way, time and dedication to learn how achieve the goals
you follow as well as how encourage others to go after you and follow your
steps. Hansen Summer Institute will provide the knowledge of great importance
that will involve both classroom instruction and hands-on training. Participating
in this program will colossally help me to enrich my experience of sharing,
communicating, leading and enlarge my theoretical knowledge and perception of
leadership. As a student of Management faculty, by enrolling in your program, I
will acquire the power to elaborate efficient decision-making strategies and strengthen
my collaboration skills. 

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