Assignment organisation is an exceptionally intense job

Assignment 1 Task 3Ethical decision making inside an organisation is an exceptionally intense job for an individual or a gathering of people to do. The reason for this could be because individuals have altogether a different perspective on certain topics and business choices, these two commonly conflict and can cause an issue. Ethical decision making enables individuals to settle on troublesome decision when looked at moral difficulty, a circumstance where there is no clear right or wrong solution. Managers will have to consider some legislations when making ethical decisions such as freedom of information, business software alliance, british computing society and association of computing machinery which I will be talking about in more detail.Freedom of Information and Personal PrivacyThe Freedom of information Act was introduced in 2000 and is the law which provides the public to have access to information which is held by any public sector organisation which is related to them. Members of the public are able to request information about an organization’s recent activities. Due to the expansion of the internet over the last few years it has been a negative impact when it comes to personal privacy. This is because when signing up to certain websites, they always require a little information about yourself, and this leaves information to be accessed by unauthorised users. In relations to organisations, managers will have to consider the ethical dimensions of some factors before making any decisions on IT security. These factors could be a breach of personal space or freedom of information and these can cause an issue. One of these factors are the use of street maps……………………… An example of an ethical argument that can cause a few issues are the usage of CCTV cameras. If CCTV cameras are installed within the organisations facility for security purposes, some staff members may feel that their privacy is being invaded because they are being surveillanced throughout their workday. This could cause some heated arguments within the workplace as employees may feel uncomfortable being watched throughout the day. The manager will therefore have to make a sensible ethical decision which would give an advantage to the organisation and which would keep the employees happy. Another example could be employees being monitored at work. Some organisations monitor their employees by checking what websites they have been on or what programs they have visited. This again would cause tension as employees will feel that they cannot be trusted within their workplace by their employer.Permission Issues  Another ethical decision which causes a few issues within the workplace with employees is the utilisation of photographs, videos and CCTV footage