As foot whale abducted from their natural habitat

As a child we got the
opportunity to experience a real life close encounter with the most beautiful
marine animal, the Orca or better known as Shamu. Sitting in the stands
cheering as it performs a series of tricks, a child doesn’t know any better than
to fall in love with the experience. But as we grow older we start to see how
cruel and inhumane it is to use a 23 foot whale abducted from their natural
habitat and family into a small tank for entertainment purposes rather than
educational. Marine animals of all shapes and sizes shouldn’t be held captive in
an aquarium and used for entertainment purposes, especially the killer whale
unless if they’re being rehabilitated.

These marine animals
belong in the wild where they are stress free and able to roam the ocean freely
and are not confined to small tanks. In their natural habitat dolphins are said
to swim about 40 miles a day performing multiple tasks, such as using their ability
to use echolocation to explore the ocean. When they are in their tanks in the
aquariums they’re confined to small spaces and swim in circles all day facing
exposure to human bacteria. While in captivity they are taught special tricks
that are performed to entertain humans, some of these tricks are painful to the
dolphins. For example, “Beaching themselves as part of the show so that
visitors can pet or kiss them” this can cause their internal organs to be
crushed by their weight on land. In captivity they lose natural behaviors like
hunting for their own food that they experience stress because the predators
are no longer able to. As a result the stress causes ulcers, aggression and
pacing within the tank.

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The orca is a wild
animal and is at the top of the food chain, and should not be in a small tank
which is basically a bathtub to them, with humans performing various tricks. Despite
what you may think SeaWorld is not a safe haven for the Orca whale these majestic
animals suffer from abuse emotionally and psychically just so they can make a
profit out of their ability to perform tricks with the trainers. A trainer
named Dawn lost her life to the killer whale named TIlikum, after performing
multiple tricks with Dawn the whale started to get uneasy and noticed they were
almost out of food. This later then led to her death, the whale had grabbed her
arm and had taken her under. “That tragic event made world news, but few people realized
the orca had already been involved in two previous deaths. One was another
trainer, in 1991, and one was a trespasser, in 1999.” The fact that SeaWorld
allowed a trainer to perform tricks with a whale that had a history is
sickening. It’s unsafe to put humans in a small tank with these giant
carnivores. They belong in the wild where they are able to roam free and hunt.
All Orcas in captivity have collapsed dorsal fins, but those in the wild rarely
have collapsed fins unless they experience an injury.

The way these animals
are captured in the wild and are separated from their families is cruel and can
be compared to a human child being taken from their parents. These whales have
been taken since 1961, and are put into small tanks which are nothing like the
ocean in which they came from. “At
least 156 orcas have been taken into captivity from the wild since 1961” and 129 are now dead. They take babies away from
the pod of orcas and place them in a tank with other whales that all have their
own distinct languages, it’s like putting a Spanish person in a room with a
white person to live. Orca babies live side by side with their mothers and the
mother suffers a great loss when they’re taken away. If it’s not okay in human
life why is it okay in animal? All of this is done so greedy people can make a

marine animals should not be taken from their natural environment and kept in
small tanks for entertainment purposes. They belong in the wild where they can
roam free and live out their lives. It is cruel to capture them from their home
and place them in a tank where they are forced to do tricks, exposed to human
bacteria, and are stressed out at all times. Instead of supporting these
aquariums and giving them the attention that they want, people should stop
attending them and stand together to stop them.