As caused due to rash driving. Here

As technology advances the world gets smarter
and closer. Smart city is one of the objective of making world smarter. The
main target in making city smarter is to adopt smart transportation system.
Here comes the picture of making intelligent transportation system for safer,
smarter and sustainable transportation. In our project we are turning each
vehicle into smarter one which in turn makes the whole transportation
intelligent using IOT technology.

Prevention is always better than cure, hence
preventing accidents using technology is the idea which we came upon.

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1.       We came across accidents happening at the hill
stations due to lack of awareness of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
We can use the proximity sensor to detect the nearby vehicle so that it alerts
the driver to slow down the vehicle. Also using IOT we can connect the cars
wireless so that every drivers will be alerted of other cars. The same system
can be used to drive in fog where the driver cannot see the vehicle ahead.

2.       Again proximity sensor placed at different
position in the vehicle can be used to detect humps so that driver can be
alerted to slow down the vehicle.

3.       Accidents also occur due to stress of driver.
Using IR sensor in the spectacles and taking the blink rate of driver as input
we can detect whether driver is sleepy or alert. Based on this, driver can be
alerted and if the driver is in drowsy or sleepy mode, vehicle speed can be
reduced using adjustable voltage regulator. This can be improved by taking
brain waves as input to detect whether the driver is alert or in sleepy mode.

4.       Traffic congestion can be reduced by sending the
details to the driver regarding the traffic in one particular area and allowing
the driver to take another route such that distributing the number of vehicles
to different routes. This can be implemented using GPS system.

5.       Traffic is also caused due to rash driving. Here we detect rash driving
by vehicle drivers by using potentiometer placed at the staring and taking the
number of times the staring is rotated as input and send information to the
nearest check port or station to further actions. To achieve this we are
monitoring the vehicle movement in other words if a person is misusing the traffic
area by zigzag driving or rash driving in the roads then in vehicle this system
has to be implemented to track the vehicle moving in a zigzag fashion then
automatically send message signal to the nearest check post with the help of RF
transmitter. According to message signal we can take up further actions.

6.       If in the case accident
occurs, we should develop a system to help the victim to deal with it and also
to avoid further traffic. This is done using GPS and GSM technique where the
sensor attached to the vehicle detects the accident occurred and sends the
message to nearby hospital and the victim’s family members using GSM module. If
the accident is not serious the driver is alert enough to press a button which
stops sending message. This can also be done using IOT.

7.       The smarter vehicle also
should be energy efficient. Many a times we have witnessed a situation where a
driver keeps the engine of the vehicle turned on when in no use. We can develop
a system to monitor this by turning off the engine automatically if the vehicle
is in rest for some particular extent. This is helpful during traffic signals.
Along with automatic system to turn off we should provide manual operation in
case of emergency like making a way to ambulance.

8.       As vehicle number increases, the smoke given out
increases the pollution which is a threat to environment, hence using solar and
electrical vehicles can be used which also can be used for exhaustible energy

Hence all these ideas
can be brought under one roof using “Internet of Things” technology to
implement in every vehicle to make a safer, smarter and sustainable
transportation system.