As as we are developing identity and system

As I have more interest from my initial stage of my career
in security, I choose my carrier towards security space and started working on
oracle fusion middle ware products

mainly worked on oracle identity and access management as
developer.I have taken cryptography which is used for encryption is pretty much
useful in my job as we are developing identity and system admin console pages
with password synchronization which contains encrypted data.

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In my course curicullum I have choosen Operation Security
explains how security works on IT industry.


We are using security policies like Functional Security and
Data Security on daily basis.


If we consider functional security,it gives the information
about the features where user can access.In my job we have entitlements and
roles contains previleges through granting permisions and access based on
functional security.


Data security gives the information about what data that
user can access.It contains particular SQL Queries applied to database
resources at run time.


Worked on end-end implementation of idm product which
icludes installation and configuration of oim,oam,oud and deployed ad connector
as a trusted source and did the customizations

on top of it. And also enabled password synch for AD which
separate functionality provided by the oracle.


I mainly involved in customizations done around the OIM product
such as custom connectors, ooB, Event handlers, Certifications, plugins and
Adapters and also part of developing SOA workflows.Involved in basic UI


Some times work with architecture team to review the techinical
solution from architectural perspective and also from system perspective and
then also developing the functional design for the functional requirments ,and
then implementing the baseline product.Compliance this products in a clustered
environment using high availability.


Worked on AD and OID connector. Once the user got onboarded
and reconciled into oim using AD Connector,I designed an access policy using
membership rule for automated

provisioning of user into oid. schedule job will run to
trigger this access ploicy We developing a provisioning workflow using
Webservices connector for one of our custom

application where this provisoning process will include
three level of applrovals. user manger, county sp, county sc. we used oim apis
to develop that work flows .

solve the data issues before creating the review. After
successfully creating reviews in the production. I involved in various
production issues. Worked closely with oracle support.


The course work which I had choosed give the infromation
about security space ,as I am working in security space it helped me a lot in
learning new things as well as in my carrer growth.


Worked on OOB Connectors:



IT resource for Oracle e-Business Suite

OIM-EBS connector for user management




SOA Approval work flows:

Workflow-based provisioning is a importany concept of Oracle
Identity Manager that helps you to automate the business requirements that
manage user access in an organization.




Create Composite Project using Ant script in oim server.


Composite using JDeveloper

the oim url  property in composite.xml

new variables like oimurl, orgAdmin, roleApprover in ApprovalProcess.bpel.

Activity to retrieve the oim url and write the code for retriving orgadmin and
role approver.

the required jar files oimclient.jar and jps-manifest.jar.

the human task create the variables pass this as payloads. 

the structure in the assignment tab of the approval task.

request payload. : in XML file for the inf required.

Identity Manager API calls : payload small.

or more Human Tasks: when ever the manual intervention is required.