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As a animal rights activist, it has recently come to my attention that there is anotheranimal that was added to the endangered species list. This animal is called the Amur Leopard.The Amur leopard has been on the endangered species list for 2-3 years now. Not only is itmarked as endangered but it is actually marked as extremely endangered.The reason the Amur Leopard is on the endangered species list is because crazymaterialistic poachers hunt these poor animals down and skin their bodies to use their beautifulfur. They hunt these precious creatures to use their skin for fancy coats and purses. It’s not fairthat they kill this species just so factories can and manufacturers can mold it into some uselessjacket. It not worth killing a species off.There are now only 35 solitary individuals that roam around in the world. It is time toraise serious awareness for these now defenseless animals. We have to take a stand and helpour extinct animals. It is important to save these animals from extinction because it’s taking thefirst step to stop animal extinction. These animals don’t deserve to be treated like this theydeserve to be protected and cared for just like we are. Just because they are animals don'tmean that killing them isn’t still murder. It should still be illegal to murder them just like it is illegalto murder a human. These animals haven’t done anything to us and they don’t deserve to behunted to extinction just so companies can put the Amur Leopards fur on their store racks.It's time to raise awareness for the 35 Amur Leopards that are left and to defend them.Prove to the world that animals are just as important to our world as we are. Animals are acrucial part of the world. They were put on this earth just as we were and it’s time to finallyrecognize that and to take it into consideration. It doesn't matter if they are animal or humankilling them for no reason is still murder. And it should be taken just as seriously as it would if