As Making a stereotype comment is a

As technology advances,
accountants are moving into analytical work instead of adjusting accounting
entries. Today, accountants are required to analyse financial statements and
make financial and operational business decisions for a company. (Myler, 2015) Hence,
accountant are expected to equip with soft skills like communication,
relationship management and conscientiousness to succeed.


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Communication is the key to
developing successful relationship. Accountants are required to communicate and
work together with colleagues. To ensure their insights are understood
correctly, accountants use visual aids to help in communicating. (Myler, 2015)

Communication skills involves
perceptions which is the procedure of accepting information about and perceiving
of the world around us. Under the information processing model, one would have
to firstly comprehend, organise and interpret the statement made before making
any judgement and decisions. Making a stereotype comment is a taboo in
interacting with others as it may lead to poor decisions and discriminations. (Kreitner,

To improve communication, I
would join bonding activities like orientation programme and co-curricular
activities. In bonding activities, I met many new friends from various educational
and family backgrounds. We were able to keep up with our friendship because we
are mindful of our verbal and non-verbal communication to make sure our
comments are being comprehend correctly. After interpreting and organising our
thoughts before making any judgements and comments to others. During the
orientation programme, there is a segment called the “dark room interaction”.
Each of us are blindfolded and we entered into a dark room where we started a
conversation without knowing who we are communicating with. This minimises us
from being stereotype and help us learn not to discriminate others without
knowing them deeply.

Relationship Management:

Relationship management is a
skill to be mindful of your emotions and others emotions to build a strong
working relationship. Accountants work in teams to cater support to various
departments. (Myler, 2015) Hence, accountants are required to work with
different people with different personalities to support goals of the team.

In order to work effectively
in teams, a team is required to have characteristics like cohesiveness.
Cohesiveness is established when you are mindful of everyone’s emotions, able
to motivate and recognise their work. Teams should work towards minimising
conflicts. Integrating is key when teams work together to resolve conflicts and
move towards an agreement and stronger team relationship that cultivates
learning. (Kreitner, 2013)

A game to improve on
cohesiveness and conflict management is “Mine field”. “Mine field” is a game to
develop trust and correct rifts in relationships. In this game, there would be
an obstacle set up in a random arrangement with sufficient gap in between to
allow the player to walk through. This game would be carried out in pairs where
the player who walk through the route with obstacles is blindfolded listening
to the commands of the other player who is not blindfolded. If the blindfolded
player knocks on the obstacle, he has to return back to the starting point and
repeat the route again. (Learn2, 2018) This game builds a stronger team
relationship as cohesiveness and trust is strengthen in this game.


Conscientiousness indicates a
desire to do a job accurately and to take up responsibilities seriously. Accountants
organise their work to be effective and efficient. An eye for details and due
diligence for accuracy is needed to make sure that numbers work and are
correct. (Myler, 2015) Hence, conscientiousness allows accountant to be

Performance is measured by
abilities and skills as well as the amount of effort put into a task. In order
to work effectively and efficiently, logical-mathematical intelligence is
crucial as an accountant. It allows one to have potential for deductive
reasoning, problem analysis & mathematic calculation, which is required for
analysing financial statements to help making business decisions. (Kreitner,

Mathematical puzzle games like
Sudoku may help in developing conscientiousness.  Logical-mathematical intelligence and perseverance
are required to correctly solve these puzzles seriously. Puzzle games improves
attentiveness of a person as he would have to focus himself and look out for different
patterns in order to solve the Sudoku question. An eye for detail is required
to look out for mistakes to improve on accuracy of the work made. After various
practices done, one is able to complete the Sudoku puzzle efficiently and
accurately. Lastly, puzzle games improves our problem analysis with the ability
to discover issues and thinking of solutions to resolve the issues.