As for each student by applying new concepts

As a prospective educator, I know that my
philosophy on education will change and improve once I am in the classroom
setting and throughout my teaching career. I believe that education is
structured around the ideas of Inspiration and Individuality, Progress,
Community, and Compassion.


Education is not a one size fits all
process, it is unique to each student in the classroom. As Holt, I believe that
its important for me to focus on the individual’s interests, their educational
needs, and goals. I can do this by continuously making observations and taking
assessments of the students. Each individual has distinctive needs and requires
different teaching styles. I must focus on their character traits and develop
them to become positive citizens in the classroom and in society. However, I should
have a sense of understanding of the difficult challenges faced by today’s
youth. In order to make class activities relevant to the students, I must
facilitate learning for each student by applying new concepts to past
experiences, which makes the concepts have more meaning to the students and
helps them learn the material better. It’s important for me to design my lesson
plans accordingly so that they grab the student’s attention and keep them
actively involved. In my classroom, students will be provided tools,
inspiration, and each student will use this in a way that is meaningful to them
and most beneficial to their personality.

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I also believe in progress, not
perfection. Because I am aware of individuality, I know that each student will
learn and grow at different paces. I will communicate to my students that
mistakes are welcomed. Its crucial for me to remember to hold my students to
high standards, but I must also be flexible with them. Not only will the mistakes
open an opportunity for reflection and further learning, but it also creates a
safe classroom environment.


It’s important to provide a space of
compassion for my students. I must be mindful and accepting of all the ways of
thinking and understanding, but I must also teach my students to be
compassionate as well. My classroom will be a positive learning environment,
where we will be a family and students will feel a sense of belonging. Looking
at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one of the basic needs that must be met is
emotional security. A significant strategy that I will practice to gain their
emotional trust is to utilize student talents. I will make each student know
that they are important by working with them, listening to them, and building a
strong relationship with each student. This environment will increase their
confidence and create cooperative group work.


Group work, class discussions, research,
and current event articles, is a great way of bringing global awareness into
the classroom. Schools are comprised of such diverse students, that we must
teach them to respect and work with individuals who come from different
backgrounds and cultures. Teaching them to be globally aware is significant for
them now and in the future. For example, many employees look for individuals
who acquire global awareness skills. As our world continues to globalize, its
important for us as educators to prepare our students to see things from
different perspectives.  As a teacher, I
must also make sure I am globally aware. I need to celebrate the diversity in
my classroom and encourage it through education. My goal as a teacher cannot be
met if I can’t relate to my students. The sense of community that I am going to
create in my class will allow for risks to be taken, support to be provided,
and collaborative learning.



Overall, I will set manageable goals for my
students and I will help them reach those goals as they progress. I will make
sure to work with different tools such as technology, hands-on, individual
work, etc., to see which works best for my students and yields the best
results. I will use the democratic approach in my classroom. By using this
approach my students will be equally involved in creating their learning
experience and are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process. My
role as an educator is to help students learn and grow as individuals and leave
a positive impact on them so that they will become positive members of our soc