As accomplishing tasks easier.Big Data AnalyticsPredictive Customer Analytics

As technology is developing at a rapid rate to meet people’s needs and requirements to be implemented into their everyday lives, it can be found easily in almost everywhere and in nearly everything. As a result, people are constantly getting more and more dependent on technologies as it speeds up procedures and makes accomplishing tasks easier.Big Data AnalyticsPredictive Customer Analytics Deliver personalized customer experience by understanding the user completely such as the user’s opinions, attitudes, user relationship history, transactional behaviors and investment preferences to build loyalty and improve service. For example, a user has recently shown interest in planning for his life with saving plans and fixed deposits, look up investment opportunities online and mention in a survey that he have interest in cryptocurrencies. These actions would trigger a personalized email consisting of recommended savings plans/fixed deposits or suitable cryptocurrency investments such as Bitcoin that will be sent to user.Text AnalyticsAlso known as text mining, is the process of extracting information from unstructured text data and using it to gain meaningful data for analysis, gather user feedback and measure user opinions. It is to be implemented within the app in places such as support chatbot, quiz and feedback to get insights and information from recorded interactions from the users that can be turned into text to uncover patterns and reveal what users are thinking and their wants and needs. Additionally, text analytics also provides early warnings by showing user complains.Support ChatbotChatbots are computer programs designed to replicate or simulate how human conversation is conducted by engaging users in real-time support experience. All in all, this would help users to get the help they need at any point of time. This technology implemented will not leave the user hanging waiting for a response for an enquiry or service after office hours.   For example, a user has sufficient reward points in Finaza app but is unable to redeem a reward successfully on friday night. With the support Chatbot, the user doesn’t need to wait till monday to get help.