Artificial INTELLIGENCE a critical component of the

intelligence: legal issues in India



In this paper an attempt will be
made to understand the concept of intelligence and artificial intelligence.

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The concept of artificial
intelligence has been widely spread over the last 25 years majorly. There has
been a constant attempt by the researchers to make the computers do things that
human beings would require intelligence to do. In order to understand what
artificial intelligence is, let us first discuss what intelligence is. The word
intelligence can be interpreted in different ways. According to Howard Gardner,
American Psychologist and Educator, “An intelligence is the ability to solve
problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural


The humans show their
intelligence by communicating and by learning. Whatever knowledge is acquired
by humans can be communicated resulting in demonstrating intelligence. A good
communication will require that the message gets placed and very well
coordinated to reach the destination. The ability to learn also plays a very
important part of intelligence. Only when there is knowledge about the subject
it can be well communicated. Before communicating and after attArtificial
Intelligencening knowledge there remArtificial Intelligencens one key step of
intelligence and that is organizing the knowledge. It must be so organized that
further learning can take place easily.













Challenges currently
prevailing in Artificial Intelligence Area


INTELLIGENCE-centered implementations have been made and used majorly in
private sectors today. But still government has to notice its implications

A-I has made its remarkable presence either its Unites States in the west or
South Korea in the East the complete stretch has focused and acquired the
desired results and now Asian Subcontinent has to make forward improvements to
the vision in this regard .





Policy crafters should make ARTIFICIAL
INTELLIGENCE a critical component of the prime minister’s flagship Make in India, Skill
India, and Digital India programs by offering incentives for manufacturers,
creating innovational efforts for manufacturing automachenism and
robotronics  in partnering  with educational institutions and start-ups,
incorporating market-based mechanisms for realizing the requirements of skills
that employers will value in the future references , and promoting cloud
infrastructure capacity building inside India.


education system must involve policies and curriculums awarding a setup or
artificial intelligence on theoretical and practical platforms both,  on alternative models of
education that would be better suited to an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-powered
economy of the future.

government should identify public sector applications like detecting tax fraud,
preventing subsidy leakage, and targeting beneficiaries, where current advances
in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE could make a significant impact.

must view machine intelligence as a critical element of its national security
strategy and
evaluate models of defense research in collaboration with the private sector
and universities.


Latest  developmets  in artificial intelligence (ARTIFICIAL
INTELLIGENCE) have stimulated fervent interest from both the private sector and
governments across the globe, as the possibility of mass-produced consumer product
machinery with humanlike intelligence inches closer to reality.

The big breakthrough for
artificial intelligence in recent months was the victory of machine over human
in the ancient board game Go. AlphaGo, an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-based
computer developed by London-based Google DeepMind,1challenged
the world champion of the Chinese board game, Lee Sedol of South Korea, to a
series of five games in which the machine defeated the human four to one. While
AlphaGo deservedly captured headlines across the globe, the real breakthrough
in artificial intelligence is not this singular event but the impressive
advances artificial intelligence–based computer programs have made as a
technology, to the point that they can learn and intelligently respond across a
wide range of problem Artificial Intelligence.

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