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This charity has kept proper books of accounts as required by laws of the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are consistent with the accounting policies as listed above and the accounting policies does not in any way change from time to time their consistent. The financial statements show a healthy outlook which is shown by the balance sheet, the consolidated financial statement with a growth in cash flow, a growth in profitability, a growth in net worth and a growth in the movement of funds. All this amounts in case the financial statements of the company are prepare on ongoing basis.

A charity with such kind of growth with proper maintained books of accounts is destined for growth in these activities giving them a greater chance of survival. The outreach programs and exhibitions should be increased by the charity. The company has also done analysis of its activities which shows that the management is serious in these activities. I will recommend for the charity to increase these activities. They should think of investing in short term investments like treasury bills and bonds, corporate notes.

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For long-term survival of the charity, they should put their money in blue chip common stock for companies such as British Energy, British petroleum, Microsoft and other alternative market for financial services that generate funds. With such investments, the charity will be able to know the amount of money that will be generated for their survival. The management is able to control and improve leverage of the charity. The management should further look at the ways in which the extra assets available will be invested to raise more funds. They should think of a revolving fund that will be used later to fund the activities of the fund.

Long-term investments like in blue chip company shares should be considered as ways of raising future constant income. The income should be in a form of dividends. However investment in shares and bonds should be on the basis of advice from a professional advisor. They will be able to assist in portfolio management of the firm. I will also recommend the change in approach of identifying and financing charitable activities. This will assist in reducing the operating costs which are seen to be growing at a higher pace than the incoming resources.


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