The magazine is in very bold white

The name of the magazine I will be analysing is TV Quick. This is a TV listings magazine but also includes information and gossip about the TV world. My aim is to study and analyse the front cover of TV Quick and examine how and why certain methods and techniques are used in order for the magazine to appeal to a certain audience. Firstly, the name of the magazine could appeal to customers as it suggests that this magazine will give you information quickly. This is important as title as TV Quick suggests to the reader that they will get all the news and gossip they want instantly if they just buy this magazine.

This could be important if people are busy they can just pick it up on the way to work etc… and catch up on all of the news in the world of TV. Furthermore, the masthead of the magazine is in very bold white letters, which contrast its background. The effect of having bold contrasting letters is that it grabs the customers’ eye and compared to other ‘dull’ magazines it will stand out for the customer so there is more chance of the magazine being purchased.

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The main image on the front of TV Quick is of three Eastenders characters facing the camera and looking right at you. The effect of having all the characters looking straight into the camera catches the readers’ eye and somewhat involves them as it is like the characters themselves are looking at the customer. Moreover, the representations of these three characters are very strong and powerful as they all have very serious expressions on their faces.

The female character in this image seems to be represented as the more dominant of the three as she is in front of the other two characters and is in the middle so more attention is paid on her, as she is one of the first characters you look at. Another way that the front cover stands out is by the text underneath the main image. Again, like the masthead this text is bold and white. This also stands out from the image and grabs the customers’ attention. The effect of having ‘KILL PHIL!

‘ on the cover is that it relates to the Hollywood film that is released at the moment this could possibly help to attract more customers. Furthermore, the use of questions used, ‘-can Den stop her in time? ‘ this makes the reader curious and they want to know more about what is going to happen, therefore they want to buy the magazine to find out. On the cover of TV Quick there are also several other different narratives at the side of the page with pictures. The effect of having this makes the front page more ‘busy’ and makes it look like there are lots of things going on in this magazine.

This could somewhat create the illusion of ‘value for money’ as the reader sees all the stories featured in the magazine on the front cover, which looks jam-packed. From the cover of TV Quick the target audience seems to be young adults aged from early 20’s to a middle aged audience around the age of late 30’s. Furthermore, it could also be argued that this magazine is aimed at a more female audience, as women are known to be more interested in soaps and gossip than men. The target audience could possibly be a reflection of the ages of the characters on the cover of TV Quick.

Furthermore, the target audience of the magazine can also be given away by looking at the target audience of many popular soap operas, as these people are most likely to buy a magazine like TV Quick. The main audience that TV Quick is aiming at is also shown through its pricing. This magazine costs 65p. From this we can see that TV Quick is not aimed at a high social class but quite the opposite as this magazine is quite affordable for many people. Therefore, this magazine is mainly aiming its product to the working-class public.

In conclusion I think that this magazine is quite popular due to the fact that a large majority of people watch soaps therefore it was also definite to say that TV Quick will have a large audience. The way the that this magazine is presented is very visual as it does not have large amounts of text on the cover which is good as it does not make the reader feel that they are not ‘good enough’ for it. Furthermore, the pricing of this magazine does not manage to exclude certain social classes from its audience, as it cost is very reasonable.