The article shows that there is a

The article shows that there is a difference between terrorism activities done by selfish individuals and the legal Islamic law. The author of the article expresses his regrets due to suffering the Muslims go through while being convicted of terrorism. In the article, the author gives conditions which govern jihads and principal rules which govern an attack by a Muslim nation to another. The article clearly states that it is wrong for Muslims to attack Non- Muslims or civilians according to Islamic law.

He emphasizes that the question of declaring war belongs to the authority not individuals. This declaration is done when protecting the public interest and not that of an individual one. Decisions of authority on behalf of citizens depend upon public good, so an individual is not supposed to declare war or Jihad on another nation.

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The author also clarifies that 9/11 attacks were a case of self- sacrifice or suicide mission. This act led to death of many civilians and scholars still question whether it is a case of jihad or not. The author proceeds to give different scenarios which can either be suicides or jihads. This case remains doubtful. The author concludes by answering questions in regard to quotes in Quran.

In the recent past, the world has experienced a couple cases of suicide bombing and attacks which have led to deaths of innocent civilians. The whole issue is said to be terrorism which has led to many Muslims being convicted as being terrorists. I find this article important in addressing difficult questions like; do all Muslim take part in suicide bombing or is it a case of extremists? Was the 9/11 attack a case of jihad? Are Muslims living in the West authorized to attack non- Muslims in the same country? If yes why and on what circumstances?

There are three circumstances which are both enlightening and interesting. The author states clearly that, there are principal rules which control the Islamic activities. Terrorism activities are not part of Islamic religion. Terrorist activities mostly are aimed at non-Muslims or civilians, individual centered and not authorized by the executive authority.

Jihads are geared towards the public good and are not individual driven. According to the article most of terrorism activities are suicide cases. One of the most interesting ideas expressed in this article is that Muslims are not supposed to attack civilians or non Muslims. Another interesting idea expressed in the article is that, jihads and cases of ceasefire are left to the executive authority.

I agree with some parts of the article. The author has contributed significantly in his defense for civilians. For example, the author explains in details the difference between the activities of Islamic religion and those of terrorists.

He emphasizes on the point that according to Islamic rule one is not permitted to kill. I agree with his argument that this rule includes innocent civilians who are affected by terrorism activities. I also agree with the idea that declaration of war on another country is entrusted to executive authority. But the issues of jihad are not clear.

To some extend I disagree with how the author has expressed the idea of jihad and its relation to terrorism. The reason is that, in all scenarios he has given to differentiate jihads and suicides, death of people occurs. Thus it is hard to note the difference between a suicide, self- sacrifice and jihad.

The author has done a good work in explaining clauses in Quran. The conditions under which one is considered to be an enemy of Muslim are not clear. Civilians may end up being killed just because they are considered to be enemies. The reason is that, they do not testify the Islamic faith.

In conclusion, the article is an excellent work and has significantly addressed most of unclear issues which concern Muslim religion.