I that this castle could be visited

I am going to analyse the Leeds Castle leaflet for its effectiveness as an advertisement. In particular I will study the layout, language and graphics. The front cover tells readers a lot about the target audience, with pictures of a child and other attractions. The logo is a black swan, because the castle is famous for that. Also the heading is in black which represents the black swan. The black swans are very rare, that’s why they want people to come. The leaflet has a magenta border which represents richness and royalty.

Henry VII once resided in the castle and that colour is trying to show that. The writing at the bottom is also is that colour. The key is used to show that it is a ticket that will get you into the castle. At the very bottom of the front cover there is a website for the reader to get information or maybe book tickets online. The pictures on the front cover show that this castle could be visited by people of all ages. There is one big picture of the castle and three mini pictures showing some of the attractions. One of these has a child on it and that would be aimed at parents to bring their family.

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One of the other mini pictures has a night event, with fireworks, and this would be aimed at all sorts of people. On the inside section there is information about the castle. This information is shown in paragraphs with a one word subheading. Emotive language is used to persuade viewers of the leaflet to read. One of the subheadings is ‘Fun’ and this is particularly aimed at children and teenagers. However, in this paragraph you also read that it is aimed at adults as well, because people can go for a stroll or play on a golf course.

The ‘Historic’ titled paragraph would be clearly aimed at at people who are interested in history. There is also another picture of the key again to give a command to viewers. The word ‘Get’ is the imperative tense and is used to try and persuade you to get it. The events calendar opens out as an A3 page. In the centre is another picture of the key. This time it is placed on a gold background because it is saying that you could win one of these keys. One of the events is the open air classical concerts. It has a good picture which would appeal to teenagers and adults.

There is a subheading, with the dates in bold, for the reader to clearly see. The event also has a paragraph about children so that the adult readers know what to do. Right at the very bottom you have the ticket prices, which would be important to the reader. Another event which has a similar layout to this one is the Family Picnic Prom. The Banqueting event has subheadings in magenta to show that this is a very royal event. The dates under the subheading are in bold to make it memorable. At the very bottom you are given the phone number in bold for reference.

The back cover would be very important to the reader because it show the location and travel support to the reader. It has subheadings with ways you can get to Leeds Castle. You also see a map of the south east of England and a line pointing to the location of Leeds Castle. On the other page of the back cover you find information on prices, opening times, information phone line, and a note for visitors who are disabled. In conclusion I think this particular leaflet is effective in attracting people to visit Leeds Castle.

However, I do think that the front page is not very well aimed at young people. The picture on the front, showing the castle would not appeal to young people. On the other hand, the events page has some events that might appeal to younger people. The back coveris very useful as it has a map showing the location of the castle and how you can get there by various forms of transport. Also I think it is very helpful that there is a website at the bottom of every page for the reader to quickly get information.