Google channels, and products. This is imperative

Google Inc is one of the most successful global organizations in terms of growth, financial stability, and marketing. The American multinational company deals with cloud computing, internet search, and advertising technology. Its founders are Sergey Brian and Larry page. The most important components of Google’s business plan are marketing, products, mission and vision, financial strength, and management.

Any successful company has a succinct vision and mission statement. A vision is an inspiring and brief statement of what a business intends to achieve in future whereas a mission statement outlines the organization priorities and ambitions. According to Pinson (2004), the mission of Google is “To Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”p.108. Basing on its large market share and tremendous growth, Google is one of top companies in the world that have achieved their goals.

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The area that Google needs to improve when it gets into a foreign market is the clause of making information universally accessible because some country have very strict rules pertaining sharing of information over the internet and would prefer some information to be kept confidential. For instance, Google had problems with the Chinese authorities because of making information accessible. As such, it should develop its strategies basing on information sharing policies of foreign countries (Campbell, Hamill, Purdie, &Stonehouse, 2004).

Marketing is important for any organization because it assists in developing marketing plans and strategies aimed at retaining old customer base and penetrate new markets. The marketing strategy of organizing global information has played a key role in the monetary success enjoyed by Google. Google’s goal is to trap a large share of online market. This marketing goal has been achieved through Google’s focus on applications, search, and ads.

The search engine is the key arena through which Google has achieved good results thus fulfilling its vision. Advertisements through online marketing tools have enabled Google to expand its sales volume and the organization has managed to attain a competitive edge against its competitors through new streams of product channels and programs.

In addition, the strength of Google’s marketing strategy has increased the number of its user through developing numerous advertising avenues, international markets, channels, and products. This is imperative in assisting Google in testing new online strategies in order to adopt good ones or drop bad ones.

If Google wants to get into a foreign market, it should consider how its users would react to how their private information and personal data are being utilized by the company to test results. This problem may be solved by ensuring that customer information is encrypted and by reducing the effectiveness of its SEM and SEO add –ons in countries where privacy and confidentiality is important and well guarded (Pinson, 2004).

For any successful company, there is need for product development and improvement in order to remain competitive in a dynamic global marketing environment. Google has many products and services. These are search engine, advertising, productivity tools, enterprise products, and social networking sites such as Google+.

These products have played a key role in enhancing online entrepreneurship, research, advertisements, and communication. They are the key components of Google’s exponential growth. When getting in foreign markets, especially in markets where computer literacy is at low levels, Google should improve its behavioral search personality so that people who make unclear searches can also have a wide web browsing experience (Joshi, 2005).

An organization financial health is important in covering its expenses, entering new markets, buying other companies, and starting new business. Google has a strong financial base having started with a financial muscle of US$100,000.For instance; Google’s capitalization was $230 billion in 2007.This is a clear indication that the company has a strong financial base to enable it to penetrate any foreign market either through merger and acquisition or as a new venture (Joshi, 2005).

Management of a company is essential in developing policies and goals of a business. Google uses centralized management system where main decisions are made at the central location of the company. In order to get into foreign markets, Google should adopt a decentralized system of management where branches in foreign countries can make independent decisions (Cullen & Parboteeah, 2005).


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