Anal paper towels with alcohol, and place them

Anal glands are two small oval-shaped glands, located at 4
and 8 o’clock when directly looking at the anus. Anal glands can also be referred
to as anal sacs or scent glands. Depending on the size of the canine and how
full the glands are, they are about the size of a pea up to a marble size. They
secrete a foul-smelling fluid; that can appear to be clear to grayish brown color,
and watery to a thicker consistency. Some canines are able to express their own
anal glands by defecating or by stressful situations; however, the ducts get impacted
and require anal gland expression. Obesity, poor muscle tone, soft feces,
infections are a few examples of what causes them to get impacted. Small, obese,
geriatric canines like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire Terriers, are more
common to have impacted anal glands but all breeds can be affected. Common
signs of impacted glands are: scooting/dragging their rectum on the ground
tried to relieve the pressure, painful when defecating, excessive licking or
chewing at their rectum, and bulging around the anus. Anal glands can be
expressed internally and externally. The difference between the two is
internally gently squeezing each anal gland verse externally gently squeezing
the outside rectum area where the glands are.

expressing the anal glands, it is important to gather all the required
supplies. Supplies include: an assistant to restrain, gloves, lubricant like
K.Y. Jelly, paper towels, baby wipes, a muzzle if needed, alcohol, and canine deodorizer
like A.O.E. The required restraint method, is standing restraint. In other
words, the assistant will take one arm under the canine’s neck, while using their
forearm to hold the patient’s head. The other arm is placed under the abdomen, in
front of the rear legs, then the assistant gently pulls the canine closer to
their body. Next, find your gloves and put them on. Apply lubricant jelly on to
your index finger, soak paper towels with alcohol, and place them in your hand that
is lubricated. The paper towels aid in catching the substances and the alcohol helps
hide the smell. While holding the tail up insert your index finger about a half
to one inch inside the anus, leaving your thumb outside of the canine’s rectum.
The glands are located at 4 and 8 o’clock when directly looking at the anus. Find
one of the glands on either side and Hold it gently by having your index finger
internally and thumb externally. Starting from the bottom of the gland working
upward and outward, apply gentle pressure with both of your two fingers working
the substances toward the duct opening. Do the other side exactly the same
until empty. Sometimes it is easier to use the other hand to express the second
side. Once both glands are empty, remove index finger, use baby wipes to clean
up rectum area, and then spray the area with canine deodorizer. It is very
important to discuss any abnormalities in color and/or consistency in the material
to the doctor but to the client if they ask. 

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