Sulaimaan through. He enjoyed school spending time

Sulaimaan was a normal teenager like the rest of the boys at school. He played worked and mucked around as much as the other kids do. He had ambitions such as wanting to be an astronaut and dreamed that he had super powers or wanted to become like his favorite super hero Superman. This was a stage that every goes through. He enjoyed school spending time with his friends and playing football in the field. All of is friends claimed that he was an easy character to figure out and that they knew him inside out. One of the main problems he used to face at school was teacher called Mr.

Slade. He was the House master of Murray (the house which Sulaimaan was put in) Mr. Slade never really liked Sulaimaan in the beginning and kept finding more and more reasons not to. Sulaimaan had a downside, at school it was his lateness in the mornings which was usually caused by his sisters doing their hair in the morning, this always got him into trouble. This was one small reason Slade didn’t like him. Another one was the fact that he wasn’t scared to speak up to him. Unlike any other pupil in Murray, Sulaimaan knew what to take and what not to take from Mr.

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Slade and when he went over the line Sulaimaan wasn’t to afraid to put him in his place. Sulaimaan worked moderately hard in class achieving B’s and C’s like most of his friends. One of his hobbies was computers, which he became well known for in the school. One side of him that no one knew was that out of school he was a young entrepreneur waiting to be released. He had the necessary business skills to move a liquidating company into a multi million pound company within months. He had the sales techniques and closing and concluding deals was not an issue.

He had the haggling techniques so he could match or bear any given price. He was the future Entrepreneur of the year! He owned three companies at the time. Gadget-Crazy, where he sold the latest and greatest gadgets at fantastic prices. Hosting-Crazy where he offered web hosting to private clients and companies. Phones-Crazy where all the latest phones were sold at competitive prices. Here is a review a company wrote on him: Sulaimaan Syed is an extremely forward-thinking and innovative young entrepreneur. At 14-years-old, he recently started his third company, Gadget-Crazy (www.

gadget-crazy. co. uk). He spearheaded Factory Computers when he was 12, and soon after started a lucrative Online Business Hosting-Crazy As managing director of Gadget-Crazy, Sulaimaan’s mission is to “source new and innovative products of tomorrow and deliver them to the public today. ” Selling the latest and greatest technological gadgets, the company prides itself on excellent customer service and is determined to provide the greatest value for money spent. Residing in the United Kingdom, Sulaimaan Syed represents all that is vital in young entrepreneurs.

His dynamic and prolific personality, coupled with his keen business sense, ensure a future full of success. No one knew about this whole new side to him at the time and he wasn’t planning to give it away yet. He was going to check out the school, teachers and pupils. Test the water and see if it was okay to release it. One major internal battle he fought was the fact that he was not allowed to sell anything on school ground. He studied the pupils at Mill Hill School and saw that most of them were wealthy and gadgets and phones would appeal to them.

He slowly introduced his other side first telling his closer friends about the companies he owns and the products he sells. Some of his closer friends believed him immediately however this was not the case for everyone. This was an amusing factor for most people and they simply kept asking for proof and saying it isn’t your company but your fathers. Sulaimaan impressed those people with his business terminology however that was not enough. They needed hard proof. This is when he showed them his database and site control panel. Slowly this news spread throughout the year group. It was time to target the teachers.

This was a much harder task and required pre planning. How would he introduce it and When? Those were the key questions that buzzed through his head as he passed day by day. It was at his DT lesson with Mr. Barnes (His form tutor) where he was discussing the site and showing his friends/potential customers. Whilst the wow factor grew Mr. Barnes looked over and started enquiring about what was going on. He came over and saw what was on his screen. At first there was an angry look on his face until Sulaimaan showed that he had completed the task set in class and the one for prep.