Ammonia: that repel rats and the rats didn’t


Ammonia, which smells like urine, repels rats. So filling little hollow containers such as bottle crowns with ammonia and placing them at certain places where the rats are known to frequently visit or use as entrances and exits will help turn them away.

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Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has the strong-smelling property of the mint plant from which it is made. That makes it one of the smells that repel rats because rats, like many other rodents, depend on their highly developed sense of small to survive. They’re able to distinctly smell food, predators and so on from a distance.

Consequently, when they find themselves in an environment with as strong a smell as that of the peppermint oil very close by, they tend to want to avoid it because it irritates their nasal passages, as in all the other cases earlier mentioned.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, like the peppermint oil, has an overwhelmingly strong smell that rats can’t live with, owing to their keen sense of smell. So keeping some cayenne around the known abode of a colony of rats in your property will help dispel the unwelcome pests.

What if They Don’t Work?

What if you’ve applied all the smells that repel rats and the rats didn’t budge? Rats are very quick to adapt to adverse living conditions in order to survive, as earlier mentioned. So it shouldn’t surprise you if, after applying all these substances, you still find rats comfortably going about their normal lives.

Rats have been known to even eat some of the above-recommended items in the absence of food. That demonstrates how readily they adapt to harsh conditions for survival.

You Can Lock Them Out

So if everything else fails and you still have rats running all over your property, simply lock them out. All you have to do is trace all their entrances and exits in and out of your property and block them with hard materials such as cement, metal etc. that the rats can’t bite through. That’s your best option to keep rats out of your home.



Some of the above-recommended substances could be harmful to humans if not used with precaution.


Mothballs, for example, are agents of cancer cell growth. Therefore, they should be kept without the reach of children and other adults.

Use them only in such a manner that affects the rats without harming people. The smell they exude is capable of causing headaches in people. So it’s important that you use them in areas where the wind can’t easily convey their smell to the home.


Ammonia is also known to harm people’s respiratory systems when used in high concentrations. Therefore, these too should be handled with utmost care with the safety of people in mind.