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For example, after the 9/11 incidents, Americans find that they are no longer safe. Terrorists have been blamed for the attack. They are made aware of anything that sounds and seems suspicious as America’s national security is under threat. The Al-Qaeda group is being responsible for the attack against the Americans while its leader Osama bin Laden is the master mind of the attack. Islam’s across the world are being under the watchful eye of Uncle Sam under the leadership of President George Bush who also dictates his allies to watch for the terrorists.

In democratic nation, again Alexis Tocqueville declare, people like war because through war one can gain total control. Like in its politics, America’s policy is self-created and self-destructed because “Man is a fool, quoted Sudisman. When it’s hot, he wants it cool. When it’s cool, he wants its hot. He always wants what he has not. ” (Sudisman, 1967) America has grown to become the capitalist nation in the world.

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Even though it denounces communism, it embraces communism ideology – the Marxism in which government is for the elites who rely on government political power to oppress the poor. The elites are getting wealthy at the expense of the poor (Suseno, 2000). Relying on people’s fear of terrorism, it promotes conflicting policies to trigger greater fear among its citizens while allowing the elites to control the state to pursue their self-interest (Denhart, Denhardt & Aristigueta, 2002).

In democratic nation, said Alexis Tocqueville, free market, political power control, religion and war are the competing factors. On one side, they promote free market; on the other side, they promote political power control. They may promote religious liberty but also create and use religious fundamentalists to camouflage their political agenda to suit their own interest. Like AIDS, diseases and the phenomenon of the spread, fundamentalist activities and their movement against America interest would not be effective if it is not put into global perspective.

America’s terrorists are self-created. Pat Choates (1990) wrote that Americans are selling their own nation and ideology for money. In his book Agents of Influence, Pat Choate (1990) wrote about Americans being the agents of influence. Those who were laid off by federal and provincial governments or the military were recruited by foreigners of private sector. For greater pay, they sacrifice their national ideology, patriotism, and national security to act as agents of influence which later corrupt the US governance system.

Political parties including the politicians are the most corrupt in the US governmental system. While those engaged in 9/11 received small payment for their death, Americans are alive and living luxuriously. Their job is to engineer terrorism and war while acting as agents of influence with America’s politicians and bureaucrats – Americans are selling their own nation for huge money. Without terrorism, the demilitarization policy would be a failure.