Introduction USA also used propaganda in their skepticism


Japanese attack to the Pearl Harbor made the USA government fight back. This consequently led to the Second World War. President Roosevelt criticized the attack the following day promising to protect his people. The USA was deliberately pout under attack by air forces and naval of the empire of Japan.”

The Speech was enlisting to the Americans to support him in that declared war” As commander, in chief of the army and navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for self defense”. The attack mainly left the navy and military unstable.

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American history during world war two

The Nazi under the leadership of Hitler is ready to kill all the Jews as witnessed in the atrocities against them. European countries especially America is ready to use its wealth and strong army to retreat. This strong deposit of wealth and material helps the citizens to remain calm since they have trust in their security.

A journalist report reveals the Massacres of the Jews led by the one anti-Semitism Hitler. Variant Fry reports the increasing numbers of the Nazis in Germany who did no other than to persecute the Jews. A social journalist helped the Jews escape from France. This shows how he sympathizes with the Jews. The anti-Hitler joined hands to destroy this movement by the Nazis.

It is believed, that the white European would not join in atrocities aimed at destroying other people’s lives. People describe them as heirs of the humanist tradition making it impossible for them to do anything dirty. The US government had confidence in their defense that they even ignored the threats coming from the Nazis. The result of this was a massacre that would be prevented earlier.

The nuns were raped, forced prostitution in Belgium and many more atrocities due to the ignorance. This lead to change of mind since the Nazis had taken power. Everywhere the Jews were dealt with; from cafes to buses where their blood was flowing. A song was even composed. The same people in the 20th century would never allow such barbarism to take place in their view.

The Nazis did not respect the holy places either and social ones too. This anti-social and unacceptable behavior even by the culture left over two million European Jews dead and over five million under Nazis control. They were starved, deported, poisoned, burned and machine gunned. The richness in material by the Nazis enabled them to execute these atrocities comfortably. This shows how richness in the material can be destructive to the social life even to the historical context.

President Roosevelt was advised to speak out against the ordeal, Catholic Church to excommunicate those in the barbaric acts, US to offer asylum and donate food to the Jews being starved by the Nazis. Richness in material possession can also be of considerable importance as demonstrated by USA.

The USA also used propaganda in their skepticism to capture the attention of the citizens that what they heard was not the truth. The richness in material possession had the citizens believe in demonstrating the power of resources. This demonstrates the high significance that materials fit into social and historical context.


The Second World War left indelible marks in the hearts and memory of the people of the time. Lack of love for one another, life and greed for power and control led to the war. Hitler demonstrates and represents the people without value for life. The Second World War was, therefore, as a result of personal interests.

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