America undocumented immigrants live in the shadows

                       America has always been looked upon as the land of opportunity, fairness,
and freedom, due to this reason every year tens and thousands of immigrants
from around the globe make their way to America in the hope of freedom and
opportunity. Some risking their lives and crossing the borders, while others by
proper immigration channels. These undocumented immigrants face lots of
discrimination, families are separated in the name of deportation, workers are
exploited and people die trying to cross the border. All because of the
improper and broken immigration reform policy. In order to live up to as a
country of freedom and opportunity an unbiased and solid immigration reform
policy is a necessity of his country.

immigration has been widely discussed topic in politics in the U.S. Some argue
that immigrants are necessary as they take the jobs Americans do not wish to
take, and that they therefore should be given permission to stay in the
country. Others, however are of the opinion that they should be severely
punished seeing as what they are doing is illegal, arguing that the illegal
immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans and not paying taxes. Although
there are arguments supporting the claim that undocumented immigrants should be
punished, there are many counter arguments for why they should be allowed to stay.
The extent of illegal immigration has reached such enormous proportions that a
reform of the immigration is vitally necessary for American society. It is
reasonable that such a large part of a society’s life contains an irregular and
illegal element, and it is necessary for large numbers of these immigrants to
have their lives and their contributions legalized and regularized.

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immigration reform does not only benefit immigrants, millions of undocumented
immigrants live in the shadows of American society as second-class citizens,
hoping every day that they will not be caught by an immigration agent and, in a
minute, be deported to their home countries losing what has took them many
years to acquire. They live uncertain of the future and many become anxious as
they contemplate the possibility of being separated from their families at any
time. Millions of these immigrants have lived in the united states for many
years, and many even have children born in this country. There are those who have
lived in the U.S for so long, that they now consider themselves part of this
country. However, because of their legal status these immigrants are
marginalized and excluded from most types of social and political
participation. They are the target of hatred for those individuals who wish they
were gone. These individuals blame undocumented immigrants for most of the
problems of American society refuse to accept them as part of this country. “if
you do not like how you are treated, then go back to your country “they say.
However, for many reasons these immigrants cannot go back. Nevertheless, nor
can they continue living in the U.S without rights, excluded from society, and
unable to enjoy normal lives. The complexity of the issue of undocumented
immigration is that, while the status quo cannot continue and an immigration
reform is the best solution, millions of opponents make it almost impossible
for anything to change.

The purpose of this research paper is to examine the push and pull
factors that influence undocumented immigrants to migrate to the united
states and to discuss what an immigration reform
of the us immigration system must include. Specifically, Mexico will be the case study due
to the great percentage of undocumented immigrants that come from this country. As it will shortly be explained, individuals
often oppose immigration reform because of their negative view about
undocumented immigrants, which has been the result of constant exposure to
prejudiced and false information. For this reason, a detailed explanation about
the major causes of undocumented immigration will clarify that the united
states are, in great part, responsible for undocumented immigration. Finally,
the benefits that an immigration reform could provide will be explained and an
experimental immigration reform plan will be suggested.

   There are many reasons
why country needs an immigration reform plan. The reform would benefit the
country’s economy, it could curb the number of undocumented immigrants and most
importantly it could help deal with undocumented immigrants in a legal way.
Many believe that the immigration reform should create a roadmap to be citizen
for the undocumented immigrants who were living here for many years. But those
who are against the immigrants argue that the undocumented immigrants should be
deported back to their origin. They say that the immigrants are decreasing the
job opportunities for American citizen, but the fact is most of these
undocumented immigrants are exploited by the business owners by paying them
very less wages. Contrary to popular belief immigrants do not take away jobs
from American workers. According to a U.S department of labor study prepared by
the Bush administration pointed that “Experts note that immigrants are blamed
for unemployment because Americans can see the jobs immigrants fill but not the
jobs they create through productivity, capital formation and demand for goods
and services.

believe that the reform would only benefit the undocumented immigrants and that
would cost the country a lot, but the fact is as mentioned above immigrants
actually create jobs through productivity and capital formation that would
benefit the country’s economy. Improving economy is one of the main agenda of
the immigration reform policy and without immigrants this agenda would not be possible.

to the fiscal policy institude, small businesses owned by immigrants employed
an estimated 4.7 million people in 2007, and according to the latest estimates,
these small businesses generated more than $776 billion annualy. The current
immigration reform suggests cutting down the number of legal or illegal
immigrants in order to improve the country’s economy but doing so could
actually backfire the economy and the country.

immigration system should recognize the hardships and contributions of people
moving here, keep families together in this country and create a rational
process of citizenship to new Americans. That will help build the country and
its economy rather than expensive and impractical approaches like trying to
deport millions of people or trying to wall off a 2000-mile border.

According to the economist Dough Haltz-Eskin of the conservative think
tank American action forum suggests that without immigration the population and
overall economy would decline as a result of low U.S birth rates. From his
study “A benchmark immigration reform would race the pace of economic growth by
nearly a percentage point over the near term, raise GDP per capita by over $
1,500 and reduce the cumulative federal deficit by over $ 2.5 trillion.

the current immigration reform bill needs to be upgraded, it should take into
account the welfare and needs of immigrants, whether it’s about illegal or
legal immigrants by eliminating those which are fault and abusive. In order to
improve the economy, U.S needs to encourage the number of legal immigrants and
create such policy where the undocumented immigrants who has been working here
could apply for the citizenship and at the same time stopping the new illegal
immigrants but not in such a manner where they are deported and separated from
their family. The reform should consider the needs and aspirations of all these
immigrants, who has contributed a lot for the development of this country.



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