America. like them, situations such as these

America. By most people it’s seen as the modern utopia, an opportunity at life. And even though the country has one of the darkest histories to exist, it has made some great steps that influenced even the outside world. Throughout all history, the choices that the people in control made not only influenced the country’s legacy, but also paved the way for the future generation. The past has always left pieces that the future had to pick up on. Every decision made now, is what the future generation in america will be picking up on. The same future are the kids that right now could be struggling with an exam, trying to write a good college resume or having difficulty picking from the universities they’ve been accepted to. But for 3.6 millions of kids exactly like them, situations such as these may never occur.With Trump’s presidency making the biggest changes in america the world has seen in a while, he was able to add to it by shutting the door to 800 thousand students, the same students living lives no different from the ones with a passport giving them rights, the same students that know of no other life than in america, the students that invested all of their life savings into their future, the students just as patriotic of their country as the rest, the students that could be the ones to pick up the pieces of the past, to build the future. With their lives being ripped apart beginning with the separations of their families and ending with the broken dreams, these children, the children of america, had their whole future torn out.Even though the present has the ability to change the future, it should not have the ability to take the future away. It being of a child with a passport or without one, no word, no authority shall ever forbid the child from the opportunities they have proved themselves to deserve. Those kids, the dreamers, deserve a shot at the future just as much as a kid with passport would, because when it comes to whether the person carries the right values in life, knows the difference between bad or good and loved their country unconditionally, a paper stating them as illegals is just as much as a piece of paper, not more. You become american by heart, not by law.