of traffic is what affecting Atlanta’s Inc. is trying to find a new
headquarters where it will invest over $5 billion dollars in construction and
growth and create as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs, as taken from
Cities around the United States are frantically working to make sure that they
are on the corporation’s radar to be considered as one of the candidates. The
current headquarters, based out of Seattle, Washington, is looking to start its
second control center, but they do have certain requirements. The current
search committee is looking at the locations in regard to airport size, commuting,
and overall life quality. A total of 238 cities initially put in an offer to be
considered, but it has been narrowed down to a list that has not been yet


to Fix

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article gives a list of 10 cities that could be possible contenders, and what
each of these cities need to fix. This is not a final list, but it is based on
interviews with various site selections experts and various Wall Street Journal
analysis. Weak public transportation and lots of traffic is what affecting
Atlanta’s spot for HQ2. In Huston, Texas, and New York, New York, the prices of
housing are rising; therefore, making the new 50,000 employees be forced to pay
more when they are just moving to the new location. Having a subway system that
have outdated technology and needs much improvement hinders Boston’s chance. In
Huston and Washington D.C. the traffic congestion presents an issue for day-to-day
travel. Political problems, as in Chicago’s situation, can pose issues when the
legislative fails to agree on certain issues, such as budget, which would be
important to HQ2. Newark, New Jersey, in addition to Boston has unreliable
transportation, the Wall Street Journal says that the New Jersey Transit is
prone to shutdowns and delays. If the new headquarters were to be in
Philadelphia, the city would be required to invest in the public-school system;
with the amount of newcomers coming to the area, their children will need an
education that will be worth their while. White Pittsburgh’s city may be a great
location, the airport is not up to where it should be, this may cause an issue when
head officials of the corporation, coming from Seattle, Washington, are trying to
fly in and cannot due to the lack of airline providers.