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In our lesson today we watched a video on the performers of Chicago on Broadway and we watched them perform but we also saw behind the scenes rehearsals. We were told to look at the video and comment upon their professionalism of the actors. We did this to enable us to see what sort of industry the performing arts industry is, and how hard it is to work in. We were reviewing this also to see what professional tips we could get from seeing this video, to take into our own future performance. In this analysis I will look at 3 key elements of the video, and apply them to our performances.

Firstly I would like to say that I reviewed the tempo of the video. The actors were constantly getting stopped by the directors because they were doing something wrong, but tempo is so quick that the actors are constantly working and trying to do everything perfectly. The actor’s hours are around 6 hours a day so to work at that intensity and to have that energy really surprised us all. The actual performance of All That Jazz had a great fluidity to it, and didn’t make any constant stops. This meant that the performance was top class and good enough to grace the Broadway stage.

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The constant practice on the tempo of the song highlighted the significance of good, hard working rehearsal times. The second I would like to consider is the concentration of the actors. To work for the hours that they do in such an intense way taught me that our rehearsal time should be more concentrated and that we should do more work in lessons. One main difference was they didn’t distract each other because they are paid to work and a poor professional attitude would just mean the sack for them.

The concentration that they have means they are able to get the best out of the actors, and even display new elements/emotions into a character. The third and final element I would like to mention is the spatial awareness of the performers. They all are equally positioned so there is absolutely no chance of forgetting where they are and there is certainly no chance for mistakes or bumping into each other will happen because the gap is big enough to make sure this doesn’t happen.

This means that the audience are focused on a properly professional performance rather than a mistake that will never come because they are so well spaced out. This is a element that our group should be developing and through a little bit of effort, this is achievable and should engage/entertain our audience. Overall I feel this was really beneficial to watch as it was great to see how the professional industry works, and has shocked me into thinking that I need to work much harder if I want to become part of this industry.