All hand gestures. “Sixth Sense Technology”, it is

living things use their natural senses of sight, touch, smell, taste to
interact with the environment and surroundings and make decisions based on the
information received by our five senses. However, humans are blessed with an
extra sense of perception. A faculty of subtle awareness not explicable which
involves perception of constantly changing environment but also its relation to
ourselves. Although the miniaturization of computing devices allows us to carry
computers in our pockets, keeping us continually connected to the digital
world, there is no link between our digital devices and our interactions with
the physical world. Information is confined traditionally on paper or digitally
on a screen. Sixth Sense bridges this gap, bringing intangible, digital
information out into the tangible world, and allowing us to interact with this
information via natural hand gestures. “Sixth Sense Technology”, it is the
newest jargon that has proclaimed its presence in the technical arena. This
technology has emerged, which has its relation to the power of these six senses.
Our normal PCs will soon have the capacity to detect the diverse emotions
amassed in the environment and it is each of the endowment of the “Sixth
Sense Technology” recently presented. Sixth sense device is a wearable
“signal based” gadget that expands the physical world with
computerized data and gives individuals a chance to utilize characteristic hand
motions to connect with that data.

was created by Pranav Mistry, a PhD understudy in the Fluid Interfaces Group at
the MIT Media Lab. A graduate understudy with the Fluid Interfaces Group at
MIT, he caused a tempest with his production of Sixth Sense. He says that the
motion pictures “Robocop” and “Minority Report” gave him
the motivation to make his perspective of a world not commanded by PCs,
computerized data and human robots, however one where PCs and other advanced
gadgets upgrade individuals’ satisfaction in the physical world.

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this moment, we utilize our “gadgets” (PCs, cell phones, tablets, and
so forth.) to go into the web and get data that we need. With Sixth Sense we
will utilize a gadget no greater than current mobile phones and most likely in
the end as little as a catch on our shirts to convey the web to us to
communicate with our reality! Intuition will enable us to associate with our
reality more than ever. We can get data on anything we need from anyplace
inside a couple of minutes! We won’t just have the capacity to cooperate with
things on an unheard-of level yet in addition with individuals! One awesome
piece of the gadget is its capacity to check protests or even individuals and
undertaking out data with respect to what you are taking a gander at.





are blessed with an extra sense of perception. A faculty of subtle awareness
not explicable which involves perception of constantly changing environment but
also its relation to ourselves. It involves the idea
of receiving information without using any of the other five senses; nor is it
taken from any experiences from the past or known. Sixth Sense frees
information from its confines by seamlessly integrating it with reality, and
thus making the entire world your computer.









MIT group of a few graduate students thought of a plan to incorporate the
computerized world into the human world and get simple access to data without
putting in an excessive amount of exertion like taking out the mobile and
looking through the web – they made a wristband that would read the Radio
Frequency Identification tag to discover some data. For instance, this
wristband could read the RFID tag of a book that the client is grasping.

likewise had a ring that utilized infrared to speak with the smart shelves in
grocery stores that would give data about items. In the event that, assume we
pick something from the market, the ring would sparkle red or green sign some
data about the item relying upon whatever criteria we program into the
framework. The rationale was to make data more valuable to individuals with
negligible exertion with no conduct changes. The wristband was a smart thought,
however it was not totally fulfilling the primary rationale.

this, a larger projector was mounted on a helmet for displaying information,
but this became problematic since if the user would turn to talk to a friend,
the data would project on their face.


Figure 2 – Old sixth sense device




sixth sense device is changed to a neck piece which is smaller and more
effective. It comprises of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera. The
innovation depends on acknowledgment of hand signals, capture process and
control of pictures. The client wears a neck piece which has a projector and
camera connected to a versatile PC like a mobile or such gadget in the clients’
pocket. Fundamentally, the projector extends on any surface, it conveys the
data put away in it and it additionally gathers data from the web. At last, the
client acts like a PC and their hands and fingers resemble console and mouse.

model was worked from a normal webcam and a battery-controlled 3M projector,
with a joined mirror — all associated with a web empowered cell phone. The
projector helped show all data on any surface. Hardly any shaded marker tops
(red, blue, green, yellow) were worn in 4 unique fingers that aided in
perceiving hand signals.

Figure 3 – recent sixth

 sense device




hardware components that make up the sixth sense device are:



Colour Markers

Mobile device


camera is used to capture and recognize objects in view and track the user’s
hand gestures using computer-vision based techniques.

The image/gesture captured is sent to the mobile
device. The camera recognizes everything around the user and with the help of
the micro projector, it can display the information on any surface, even on the
user’s hand.


Figure 4 – Camera


role of the projector is that of interaction and sharing. The projector
contains a battery inside, with 3 hours of battery life. The projector projects
information by using different surfaces as interfaces. The action of projector is to make it look
like the user is projecting information by touching something. A
tiny LED projector is used to display data sent from the smart phone.

Figure 5 – Projector


These are placed at the tip of the user’s fingers.
Marking the user’s fingers with red, yellow, green, and blue tape helps the
camera recognize gestures. The movements of these coloured markers are
interpreted into gestures that act as instructions for the projected
application interfaces.


Figure 6 – Coloured Markers



mobile device is used to transmit and receive data anywhere and to anyone via
the mobile internet. The mobile in the sixth sense device helps connect to the
internet and access information from it. It processes the image sent to it and
projects the necessary information.


Figure 7 – Mobile Device









Figure 8 – Working Principle


•           Sixth Sense gadget is a pendant like
structure which resembles a versatile wearable interface.


•           It has a camera, a mirror and a
projector and is associated remotely to a Bluetooth or Wi-fi organize on a cell


•           The camera catches pictures and signals.


•           Information from the camera is sent
to the cell phone for preparing.


•           The projector extends the yield
picture on to any coveted surface.


•           Thus, computerized data is liberated
from its limits and put in the physical world


one of the segments are consolidated to frame a neck piece. The camera is
utilized to perceive people, pictures and signals that is made, and the
projector’s part is to help with anticipating the data on any surface. Coloured
markers are utilized on the client’s fingers to distinguish the signals and to
make it less demanding for the product to separate fingers.

product examinations the information got by the camera and tracks the areas of
shaded markers by utilizing PC vision strategies. Any number of hand motions
can be utilized given they are for the most part sensibly distinguished and
separated for the framework to comprehend and translate it. This is conceivable
simply because the Sixth Sense gadget underpins multi-touch and multi-client

sense technology gives the idea of not only what someone is interacting with
but also how they are interacting with it. The role of the software is to
search the internet for information related of some object that is relevant to
the situation and then project it with the help of the projector.

are 3 kinds of gestures that this software recognizes:

ü  Multitouch
gestures – it is where the user touches the screen and makes a certain
application move by pinching or dragging. For example, in Map application.

ü   Freehand gestures – usual gestures used, like
the one used to take a picture.

ü  Iconic
gestures – drawing an icon in the air.