Alexander but still a very skilled painter,

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 3 1847. Raised with two brother, Melville James Bell, the older one, and Edward Charles Bell, the younger one.Alexander was raised by experienced and smart parents. His mother was almost deaf but still a very skilled painter, his father and grandfather were masters of speech, articulation, and elocution. *mom talks with young AlexanderMom says: “Alexander, you have to eat your vegetables if you want to become a scientist!”Alexander replies: “ughh”Alexander’s father even taught elocution to the deaf with different techniques like showing a number of pictures drawings to show how the sounds were pronounced and said .The Bell siblings siblings got their early education from their parents, they were home-schooled.*Alexander and children doing science and math questions and equations*Alexander: “This is too easy”*Edward: “I don’t understand this, this is so boring!”Now, fast forward to when Alexander is 11 years old, he went to The Royal High School at Edinburgh. There he didn’t really like the school curriculum, so without graduation Alexander left the high school at age 15. *Alexander walks away, looks behind and waves bye*School person shakes their headUnfortunately, a year later, Edward died of tuberculosis.*Edward falls to the ground*Melville yells: “Guys come here, he’s dying!”*People gather around*Change to all black, change background and sounds to rain (like funeral)1 year later, the Bell family moved to London. Alexander Graham Bell studied hard so he could enter college.Soon with hard work, he passed the entry examinations and he was enrolled.*Alexander writing a test and hands it inAlexander studied there for a couple of years… until something happened to his older brother… He had to stop his studies.*Melville falls to the ground as well,  people gather around*Alexander says: “It’s got Melville too!”*Another funeralSadly, now both his brothers have passed away of tuberculosis.Without finishing college, Alexander and his family left London to go to Canada.His parents feared that this disease might take Alexander aswell.*The whole family grabs bags,  walks away, and waves goodbyeThe family settles in Brantford, Ontario, however Alexander quickly moves to Boston in 1871 to teach the deaf. Bell also taught in many different places for the deaf like Clarke school.*Signing to Billy Butchcroft IIIOne of his students was Mabel Hubbard, the daughter of Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the founder of Clarke school.They quickly became good friends and soon started working together in 1873Even while he was teaching, he was still doing research on how to transmit telegraph messages.In 1874, Alexander’s researching was so outstanding, he told Gardiner Hubbard about how he might be able to create a multiple telegraph.Hubbard believed in Alexander, Gardiner then gave Bell some financial money to work on his experiments.*Alexander asking Watson: “I think my research is working, I mean, everything makes sense.”*Hubbard replies: “Okay, I’ll see if I can lend you some money.”*Alexander: “thank you so much Mr. Hubbard!”In 1868 Joseph Stearns invented a device that could send 2 messages simultaneously on one wire.Thomas Edison made one that could transmit four, but Bell desired more. Once he was given the money, him and an electrician as his assistant, Thomas Watson, started working speech transmission.