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Drugs and alcohol. Nothing more has created more impact created than incidents which involve either drugs, alcohol or both. In fact, I can’t recall not hearing or reading from the news about a crime or incident that doesn’t involve either drugs and alcohol. I believe that too much drinking and drug use can result to not only hurting themselves but also other people as well. It has been reported and shown that excessive drinking and drugs can led to unfortunate incidents like accidents and deaths.

In fact many celebrities have been arrested for DUI after a night partying at clubs. It has been proven time and time again that alcohol and drugs is not hip or “cool”. It is no fun being intoxicated or high on drugs. Alcohol and drugs can also result to death as news and studies have proven. Alcohol and drugs destroy the parts of the human body like the Brain, the Heart, the Liver and even drastic changes on the physical side. Alcohol and drugs are not also found as causes for crimes and accidents but also are lifestyle problems as well.

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According to Karen Grover Duffy, author of the book “Psychology For Living: Adjustment, Growth and Behavior Today”, that alcohol and drugs in its usage as two (2) of the top three (3) major health hazards in America. It is not only a health hazard but it is also very difficult to quit drinking or drug use. I have seen people saying they are trying to quit but really hasn’t gone the point of totally quitting. Quitting seems difficult and that is the power of alcohol and drugs. It seems that one cannot live without taking a sip of alcohol or a quick hit of drugs.

The effect of alcohol and drugs is huge. It is as if your body, your mind cannot function well without it. Alcohol and drugs can make a difference in your life. It’s either you take control of it or let it spread all over you, thus making recovery difficult. You may or may not regret it and it is a choice that has serious consequences in the end. Alcohol and drugs can change the way how one would live and how they would perceive life as a whole. Alcohol and drugs can change friendships, relationships and rapport with other people.

I know a a couple of friends namely, Mike and Danita, who used to be intimate with each other. They used to have a beautiful relationship. Got married and raised a family with two young children. But their relationship started to sour when Mike would always have these drinking sprees with his friends almost every week. He even comes home drunk. This puts a strain on their relationship as Mike would be seen drinking rather than to be with his family. Mike’s drinking got worse and they ended up fighting which didn’t happen when they first gotten together.

Now Mike and Danica are separated and soon will have their marriage annulled. They now never talk or see each other. Mike’s drinking also caused him a demotion in his job. This is one example wherein drinking can change how one’s life and how it can affect just about anyone surrounding you. Drugs can also do the same. I knew some neighbors and friends in which have started taking drugs as a something for fun and occasional in usage but soon became addictive and got their lives controlled by drugs. They’ve gotten themselves dependent on the drugs.

It seems that their days cannot go on without taking drugs. They ended up into debt because they keep on borrowing money for their drug use. Sometimes they would resort to crime just to satisfy their drug use too. Alcohol and drugs are not only health hazards but also are some of the leading causes of crimes being committed. People will do anything just to lay their hands on a bottle of alcohol or a sachet of drugs. People will commit crimes like robbery and theft in order to satisfy their addiction.

There are people who keeps returning to treatment centers because their addiction to alcohol and drugs are strong and are unable to suppress it. Dugs and alcohol are not the only things that will help people preoccupied in their day. It is not the only thing that will make them feel better in their life. Alcohol and drugs are not alternatives to use when being stressed out or tired.

Instead of helping, it destroys the body physically and inside as well. Alcohol and drugs do more damage than good and it has been from proven time and time again.

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